• I was finally over the boy that hadn't been speaking to me. But then there was a new problem. I had fallen head over heels for someone else-a friend of mine whose girlfriend broke up with him in January of 2009.

    I didn't tell him I liked him until the next-to-last day of school that year, in June. But I'm pretty sure he knew even beforehand. At a concert we were playing at, I had accidentally dropped my instrument during our ensomble. I was kicing myself for a long while after it.

    He had comforted me. And as stupid as I felt for liking him, I just couldn't stop liking him. Two days after school ended, he dropped the bomb. He didn't like me back. He was "hung up on someone else who didn't even like him." Boy, did I feel stupid.

    Just recently, I met a guy on here. He's really sweet. Not like some of the other guys I've met here, but he is, dare I say it, different. We're talking a bit now. But things will never be the same.

    And now we're caught up to the present. Still single, still heartbroken, emotions still swirling around my head, trying to bust out.

    Life just plain sucks sometimes, don't cha think?