I was in the dark trying to get my eyes to adjust to the things that obviously wasnt't there. My sister, my twin, was moving in on me as I griped the hilt of my sword roughly. But where? I looked around blindly in the training room of our house with no luck, I cursed at how silent she could be. Though we were identicle I still new so little about her and how she moved. I sighed griting my teeth at how much better she was then me. This distraction led to a foot conecting with my chest. It sent me a good few feet back. crap. Standing back up I took in a few quik painfull breaths. Ok that hurt.
    Finaly having a small idea where she was I swung my sword to the left of me. I saw her white hair breifly as she jumped over my sword and then back about a foot. How in the world? Stuned I took a step backwards but quikly had my feet kicked out from under me. I used the fall to propell me in a roll to the side. Metal against the floor sparked the room lighting it breifly. Was she trying to kill me? I wiped sweat from my face and for the first time noticed I was soaked in it. Acourding to that short flash Sen looked barly worked up!
    I grited my teeth and with an agrivated yell went into a half spining kick. I hit her chest and as she stumbled I swung my sword in a side slice. She blocked it. I sighed Ok, this was geting tiring and fast.
    "How...do...you...keep..doing..that." I yelled as she continuosly, and to my great agrivation, neatly doged each swing.
    "Jarsha calm down. Ive had much more training then you have." Her voice melted into the surrounding shadows only causing my anger to rise. You know what? I wasn't going to take any of this crap. I was tired of hearing how much more experiance she had than me. Everybody looked to her in a fight. Or asked her to train with them. The peaple we were staying with, all of them adored her for how well "trained" she was. Like it was her natural gift to fight well. I was tired of it!. With a yell I spun forward with a kick nocking her backwards. Almost. I droped down in a crouch and kicked her feet out from under her.
    She fell to the ground and I brought my sword down in a hard swing. Sparks flew as she rolled to the side and my sword conected with the hard floor. I swung again at her chest and she blocked it with her sword. She pushed me back and jumped up. Angry I threw my sword at her. Surprised she didnt have time to move and with my bad aim it grazed the top of her shoulder. I herd a small hiss and then I saw stars. I had been slamed up against a wall I didnt know was so close. oops. My head hit the wall hard, bluring my vision.
    Our breathing was raged and oh my god did I hurt. I smiled though. She was breathing heavy wich means I had done SOMTHING. I blinked. Ok this was new. I could feel how agrivated she was, and strangly...her pain. No not the physical pain, though im shure that hurt like crap. But just..pain. Emotional.
    "Jarsha calm down!" she infasised each word. she sounded like she was going to cry. Did I realy hurt her that bad? Issues much? I thought though as I came back to the situation. She had told ME to calm down when SHE slamed me into a wall. I could just barly see her eyes as she rolled them and let me go. I droped my sword and she did the same. I winced as it made a loud echo in the room. I could still hear our uneven breathing but as sen claped and the lights came on she was gone. I shook my head. Boy did she have a bad habbit of doing that.
    My eyes were blurry from the light but I walked to the door anyway. I was tired, the fights wounds and the length of it finaly got to me. I winced as sweat stung a cut I had on my face. I shook it off and thought back to what I had felt erlier. The pain I sensed coming from Sen. What was that?

    "AHHHH" I breathed. That shower was good. Now im just going to crash until my cuts go away. Or so I hoped. I fell over on my bed in clean(uncut) clothes. But as my luck shows, a nock came on my door, I sighed. Crap.
    "What is it Sen?" I called siting up and throwing a dirty shirt off my bed. Sen walked in. Dont ask me why or how I knew my sister was outside the door. Because I dont know. I looked her over as she came in. Makeing sure she wasnt bleeding to death or anything. Because you know thats just the kind of loving brouther I am. She looked ok. Her white hair was wet and driping as she came to sit on my bed. And it was, as usual, long as crap. She had changed to. Into the black she always wears. I sighed at how gracful she looked though. Her skin was pale and the tight fit of the jeans and sleevles she wore made her look a lot littler than what she realy was. She had a small bandage on her shoulder and blood had already seeped threw it. Crap my bad. Anyway... Oh and me? Ya I had the same curly white hair though shorter. uhh..kinda pale and muscled ..sorta. I sighed coming back to the real world.
    "Whats up sen?" I asked.. she was realy silent.
    "I came to check on you. you havn't came out of your room in two hours."she looked at me with those big green eyes of hers. I had to smile.
    "Ya well I was taking an extremly long shower because...well, I shruged, because I could I guess. And no offense to you, I threw a towel at her I had used a minute ago, but I prefer it if you didnt soak my bed with you hair before you left." She laughed and took the towel to dry her hair.
    "Are you ok? I didnt hurt you to bad did I? Sen if I did I am sooo sorry. realy I am." she held up a hand to stop me.
    "Hey realy im fine my shoulder is bothering me a little but outher than that im fine. She smiled and I took in a deep breath, Oh by the way evin wants to see both of us. Somthing about a "mission" he wants us to do or somthing. Im not sure but if its anouther one of his jokes like he pulled with the rabbit, im going kill him." I couldnt help my self I burst out laughing. She was so serious when she said that how could I not?
    "Ok ok we'll see what he wants. I looked down at the linken park t-shirt I had on and a pair of old jeans. I shruged "ok he'll have to deal with what ive got on" I stated. Sen noded and walked out of my room. I followed her. Evin. The head hancho in charge of where im staying. woot! But seriously? he was an alright guy he tought Sen and me how to fight when we were little and came here. I dont remember much about that though. I just remeber coming here as a real little kid at about maybe four? Anyway it was raining and I had been left somwhere with Sen who strangly is a year older than me. Dont ask and ya im sure were twins. Im 16 and Sen in 17.
    Anyway, Evin Melody and Jake took us in. Evin is Melodys husband and Jake is Evins brouther so its kinda like my parents and an uncle took me in. We rounded a corner of the house and I looked idely into a mirror hanging on the wall. Evin I swear is kin to us somehow. He is extremly pale like Sen and wears black ALL the time. He is realy strong and fast. But has my personalitly. Melody is pretty normal. she has long brown hair a slim figure all mom ish like and looks about 30? And Jake my "uncle" is my favorite. He has ALL of my personalitly and loves to play jokes. His hair is black and curly like mine and he is tan like me. We hang out a lot and strangly I wouldnt go near anybody but him when I first got here.
    We came into the big sitting room and everyone was there. strange. I sat down on the couch and Sen sat next to me. Whats going on? I havnt the slightest idea. Though to my surprise everyone had an extremly seriouse expression on there face. Including Sen. Boy did I feel left out. I sighed.
    "Whats going on I feel completly clueless. Oh wait I am." I joked trying to lighten the crushing mood. Jake gave a small forced laugh.
    "Even now you find a way to joke about somthing." I imediatly sobered up. when Jake was this serious you shouldnt be cought dead coming close to a smile. My nerves tightened as I saw everyone looking at Sen. Oh my god. Whats wrong with Sen? I tried to keep my expression calm.
    "Sen what wrong?" I whisperd. She turned her head to look at me. Her eyes were sad. And the pain..the same pain I felt erlier. I started to panik and sweat rolled down my face.
    "For gods sake Sen what wrong tell me already!" I yelled jumping up. As soon as i jumped up Jake was beside with me with a firm grip on my arm. Boy did i have a short fuse.
    "Jarsha...im a vampire." I burst out laughing, though it wasnt as carefree as I hoped it would sound.
    "You made me worry over some stupid joke? Sen I honestly thought about hiting you to make you tell me and then I find out this is why I was nervouse?"
    "Jarsha im not lieing" Sen looked absolutly seriouse. I pressed the hills of my hands to my eyes in anoyance.
    "Fine prove it if what your saying is true, and sen if this is a joke I will personaly beat the crap out of you." she shruged and noded silently.
    "Fair enough, she said standing up, follow me." I wanted to throw my self into a brick wall. How stupid was this?, But realy? I had a sick feeling..she wasnt lieing, god I hoped she was. She had to be right? I mean I wasnt a vampire and I was her twin. but did that mean anything. And how could I not notice somthing like that? I would be able to wouldnt I?
    I sighed vagly feeling jakes hand still wraped hard around my arm. Sen had to call my name a few times before I finally relized she was calling me. We were outside and in our backyard. I stood silently staring at my twin sister. Go ahead I thought. She must have herd me I relized as I noticed it was cloudy outside Because she took a deep breath and walked into the woods. I waited.
    I heard a loud noise as if somthing had been thrown into a tree. I took a step forward, I winced as jake again tightened his grip on my arm. Stay calm i reminded my self this is probably some joke.


    I slid a hand threw my long hair and winced as I streched a cut I had on my hand. What was I doing here? I didnt belong. But yet I couldnt leave. Not any more. I gave everything to be here. To be an experiment. I hated being human. I hated it. because deep down was I realy human at all? The erges to run at night to use magic, to see fairies to say I was tuly unhuman. It was all coming true. I gave up the life of my perfect family for it. The perfect parents. The parents into gaming. A dad who almost understood how I felt. My siblings..all of it. I sat on the roof of this disgusting building now my home. In the middle of a desert noone new about but the scientists who work here. They had let me roam free because I was WILING to be here.
    My eyes scaned the crimson horrizon. The towering peaks of the dessert maountains waverd in the distance. As the sun set I saw the heat ripling against its last rays. Could I take this? I knew from the"tour" I had that more than one horrible thing was going on here. But did I have to be apart of it? Of course I did. Even if I wanted to leave I couldnt. Not only because I knew what was here but becuase I am only human. For now. There are things so mutated here all that would be left of me is maybie a peice of hair if I tried to run.
    Yet strangly I wasnt scared. Wasnt worried about the tests I had to go threw, the unbaleivable torture to get what I wanted. I didnt care. I flinched as a peice of the tiled roof fell off and hit the ground. Night had fallen in and yet it was still extremly hot. I sighed looking up at the stars. How perfect they were I thought. They had almost no real atattion to earth. Oh how I wish I could fly with the stars. In the stars. To be a star. Maybie I could.
    I was going to be the unhuman experiment who understood. Who could look down on the human race yet not disgrace the race SHE was. Who could say she didnt care because they had destroyed things any way. I wouldn't be part of the race that I was shore to die off or end everything. I smiled at the thought. But then I thought about it. Did that make me horrible. Did that make me insane for hating what the human race had done with things. Would I be looked down upon or looked at in a freak way because of my thoughts. Were there no outhers like me in the world. Was I the only one?
    I refused to think about that. I sat up on the roof as I strangly grew angry. I wanted this! I wanted to be different I didnt want to be in the same class as the humans who new so little. They were also stupid wernt they? I mean they destroy everything! With their hunger for power, technoligy, to be the better peaple they were destroying the world! So much technology has been made that our world would die if it suddenly dissapeared. We are that hopless are we not? Today the world is poisoned by pollution and the ideas that war is the way to fix everything.
    I sighed. Bruding wasnt going to change anything. Now that I was here I didnt have to worry about anything. Not after I had my wish. I stood slowly and let the small breez blow through my black hair. It was hot air but it still felt good. I retied my tenni shoes and rubed my hands on my blue jean shorts before diving off the roof in a roll. I hit the ground with a small thud and turned around to see the "beautiful" building that awaited to change me into what I wanted.
    It was taller than what I thought, it would be now that I thought about it. It was a muddy ish red and had bobwire surrounding it. To keep me in and outhers out im guessing. I sighed as the moon floating over head slightly changed the scene into a more prison like state. Shaking it off I took a deep breath and walked inside. To whatever awaited me.


    My lungs were burning. Burning as if I had swallod a thousands burning needles. The scientists still, pushed me to keep runing. Already my vision was bluring. This was to test how long I could last if I had to run. How long had I been going. two maybie three hours at the most? I had to countless times remind myself to prove to them that I was the best thing here. They had already made me move a car wich didnt end to well. I winced remembering the moment my shoulder pulled out of place trying to make the car move. I looked with teary dermined eyes at the scientists watching me. Then at the room around me as I continued to painfully run.
    It was white. As I thought it would be. There was the machine I was runing on and some weird looking computers. And a few small desks pointing in my direction. How plain I idely thought as my brain felt like it was slowing. I watched one of the younger scinetists mouth somthing that looked like stop. and as I glimpsed their shocked expression I passed out. Not even having I chance to worry about how I did.
    I woke a few hours later to a killing headace. I sat up slowly in my room, wich let me explain is little beter than maybie a half a star hotel. I didnt complain though. I looked around to find food sitting on a small table acros from my bed. Dust flew everywhere as i quikly got off my bed and headed to the food. I was starving.All that runing realy drained me. After about 10 minutes i was done with a meal that would fit a king. well maybie a starving king but still. I streched and walked slowly into the hall way. making sure I was thin against the walls. Ugg my head was pounding.
    But i'd deal with that later I wanted to explore a little bit more before my next test. I came across a dark halway with only the lights from the pale blue windows that held experiments in it. seeing nobody I walked down the hallway, or tried to. I didnt hear the man beind me and when he grabed my arm I about screamed my lungs out. Withought thinking about it I aimed a fist to his face but he doged it. Nice. He draged me away frome the hallway before I could see what was in it. Weird. or was it?
    I sighed as he started talking about my tests for today. Aparantly erlier went well. I paused in shock as he said I lasted about 4 houres. I had never gone that long in my life. I quikly got pulled along though into anouther white room. This one seemed normal though. There was a table with a red headed chick in a lab coat and a few papers.
    "What am I getting questioned now? Odd. I went and sat in front of the red head and noded to her," hello?" she ignored me and went strate to the questions. I shruged.
    "When were you born?" she asked.
    "1991 may 10" I mutterd not realy seeing why it matterd.
    "So your sixteen?"
    "Um yes?"what was this a see who is stupid test?
    "If you had a choice what would you like done here?" I took a moment to think about this as she sat patiently chewing on a pencil. There is so much that I COULD have done, but what did I WANT?
    'I want magic, and I want wings. Idefinatly want wings and I want to learn how to fight as in martial art and I want to go threw the training any ninja or martial artist would go through." I finaly decided. she looked at me slightly surprised and emotionless. I wanderd how she worked that expression out. She noded.
    "Ok and if you had a chance to escape should you find you do not like it here would you take it?" I paused as she looked at me very seriously. Would I leave? I dont see how i could with what ive herd and seen of the security and you know this IS a mutant lab.
    "No..i'd stay." she nodded her aproval and i saw her stiffen slightly.
    "one more question." My eyes narrowed at her as i thought about why she was being so stiff. Did she expect me to attack her? Well lets find out.
    "Yes?" i raised an eybrow at her.
    "If we decided to use you in a war or to pit you against humans as a killing machine..what would you do?" My words cought in my throat as i sat in shock.
    "ARE YOU SERIOUSE!" I jumped out of my chair nocking it backwards. The woman stood up to.
    "It is just a theoraticle question would you or would go not agree to it?" she asked firmly and I had to bite my tounge to keep myself frome giving a horrible laugh that would sound like I was insane. I was not in here to be a weapon for anything..to anyone. Why would I be?
    "ARE YOU INSANE! if that is how it is going to be I will pack my bags and leave now and forget I thought about this place at all." I headed to the door only to find a huge man in front of me blocking my way. I glared up at him.
    "Move" I growled.The lady behind me sighed.
    "I'm afraid you are not aloud to leave now my dear. You belong to us." My stomach froze with the words she said. I felt a hard inpact in my stomach and I doubled over passing out. This was not a good idea.