• I was sitting by him again today. he told me that me and my cuzin tia are so much trouble. I looked up from playing with the hem of my shirt and said how? then he said I don't know who to choose emo he said looking up. I looked down again and sighed. My cuzin has always won everything I said sadly. Now you. Then he took a pen from my bag and wrote something short on his hand. then he looked at me. "If I had to choose it would be and he gave me his hand and it said..You" he said. A smile spread across my face as fast as the butterflyies flew thourgh me. It was silent for a while but, then He got up and left to get off the bus. I thoguht to my self how happy I would be if I was with him. how much more I would be. but, I really wont know until. maybe next time in part 3 or 4. but, I'll keep you updated. UGH!! I hate this. I keep guessing what would happen next but, something different. I had the worst dream EVERR for three dayz and I cried because he died! and I dont understand whats going on any more.

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