• Im looking in the mirror.
    Haveing millions of thoughts come through my head.
    Will i make it to the next day?
    Would anyone care if i died?
    Why did i do this?
    I scream a deathful pain.
    My black hair is in my face makeing it hard for me to see the blood coming out of my wrist.
    I fall to the ground crying.
    I start to lose my vision.
    I tried not to close my eyes afraid i would never wake up.
    My eyes closed.
    I heard a young boy yell "We will get through this...We will make it my bueaty"
    I thought who was this boy?
    I felt his warm arms pick me up.
    I couldent speak or open my eyes
    I started to go blank
    I was out
    Next thing i knew i was in the hospital
    A boy sleeping in a chair
    I thought could this boy be the one who saved my life?
    My best friend?
    I say Hello?
    He wakes up and jumps to my side
    He says "are you ok?"
    I nodded and said "why did you save me from my own death?"
    He replied with "My dear you are worth saveing and have so much to live for...but mostely because i love u"
    I was stunned and he kissed me
    I was very weak and wasent gonna make it
    He said "i promise you I can not live without you my darling"
    I smiled a smile that took all my energy
    He smiled
    My heart got stolen from the man of my dreams
    I closed my eyes
    and died...
    The next day
    He killed himself
    He promised he could not live without me