• It was period seven, I hated period seven because I recently changed classes.

    I walked drearily to the door of the classroom and opened the door to reveal an open space that resembled an old art room. Oddly enough, it was. I looked around briefly to notice that no one I knew was in the room.

    I thought to myself, "Figures."

    I sat in the only comfortable looking seat I could find without having odd stares and glares toward my person. I took the time before the late bell to start class rang to look around and observe the room as well as my new classmates in it. One girl sat staring at the mirror behind her.

    A boy that sat near me looked at me and said, "Hi there!"

    I glanced over my shoulder and shyly replied, "Uhmm.... hi.... who... uhmm... are you..?"

    He laughed and spoke, "Oh... I'm Charles, you can call me Chip, though. Who are you?"

    I offered my hand to him, "Josh, nice to meet you."

    "You too."

    I stared blankly at the door waiting for the teacher. A girl walked in wearing a brown skirt and a green shirt. She sat directly beside me...

    ...At that moment, I was stricken, quite literally, Because I have a sense of people, and she rang out to me as a quiet, sweet girl. Come to find out, she was. I fell in love with her almost instantly. At the age of Fourteen, I actually loved a girl, for who she was, not who she tried to be. To this day, she is my ever loving girlfriend. And I love her with all my heart.