• I don't remember much from that night, way too much partying and dancing and what not going on for me to even BEGIN to remember half the stuff that happened; but I do remember Katy; and I do remember what she taught me.
    I was hanging out with Sissy, My best friend Katlyn, over at her place. We were bored, so we were throwing stuff at her older brother Carlos's door, trying to see who could make the biggest dent. Ultimately, Sissy won because, despite her exceptionally small frame, she could throw pretty far and EXTREMELY hard; I know this because the next thing she threw was me; and let me tell you something; it hurt. So, I got up, and I ran over and jumped on top of her, and refused to move until she finally managed to get her hands out from under me and grab my feet, which is the only part of my body on which I'm ticklish, and starting tickling me violently; which made me fall over almost dying from laughter.
    It was about this time, I think, that we accidently managed to wake up Katy, Katlyn's little sister. Sissy and I stopped tickling each other as soon as we heard the floor boards creak, and Katy descended the stairs like an angel from Heaven. She was wearing a jet black dress with little half circles and moons embroidered into it; all in all a beautiful dress; which she had hand stitched herself. She was still rubbing her eyes when she finally got to the bottom of the stairs and I ran over to her and embraced her; making her squeak with surprise. I held her tightly and she had a frown on her face as she mumbled at me, "Let me go weirdo", but she wrapped her arms around me, trying to get her tiny hands to lock behind my back.
    She looked over at Sissy with a frown on her face, with a hint of a smile in it, and said to her, "How come you didn't tell me Cammy was coming over Sissy?"
    "Because I thought that you'd be ****ing asleep, like you're ****ing supposed to be." Sissy never went to school or really had an adult in her life, so; she didn't really understand the concept of bad words
    "Well, I wasn't; meanie butt" She giggled a little as she dodged a flying pillow that had some how just magically, as Katlyn put it, flown off the couch at her. She looked back up at me.
    "So Cammy; what did you bring me?"
    "Oh, so you think that you deserve something, now?" I smiled at her as she nodded her head violently up and down. "Alright then, fine I'll give you something, but only because I don't want your head to fall off." I pulled out of my pocket a ball of sparkling glitter covered yarn, which might not seem like much to you, but to a ten year old girl who has nothing to do with her time except sew and knit things; it was the greatest present any one could ask for.
    "Oh my gosh, Cammy, thank you SOOOOO much!!!" She literally attacked me as she jumped into my arms and squeezed as hard as her little body could manage. "Oh, Cammy, I have something I want to show you, you too Sissy."
    We looked at her with questioning looks on our faces, but she just took both of our hands and led us over to the couch, which she forcefully pushed us both down onto.
    "Ok, now, you two just sit right there, and watch."
    She turned around and both Sissy and I stole a confused look between us, and Sissy muttered to me, "What the **** is she doing?"
    "I don't know Sissy, maybe she..." But my mouth fell dead silent as Katy started to sing. She began swaying to the music, and then starting spinning on one leg, going from one spot to another, every once in a while bending down and running her fingers along her toes, then quickly swinging them over her head into the air and spinning again. The words to the song were:
    "Long ago; Just like the hearse you die to get in again; We are; so far from you; Burning on; just like a match you strike to incinerate; The lives of everyone you know; And what's the worst you take; from every heart you break; and like the blade you stain; Well I've been holding on tonight; What's the worst that I can say? Things are better if I stay; So long and goodnight; So long and goodnight; Came a time; When every star fall brought you to tears again; We are the very hurt you sold; And what's the worst you take; from every heart you break; And like the blade you stain; Well I've been holding on tonight; What's the worst that I can say? Things are better if I stay; So long and goodnight; So long and goodnight; And if you carry on this way; Things are better if I stay; So long and goodnight; So long and goodnight."
    Both Sissy and I were sitting there with our mouths wide open. Katy had looked so beautiful, and just plain; amazing. I opened my mouth and tried to say something, but; no words would come out. Then, all of a sudden, she started talking, almost whispering; and stumbled a few feet forwards on her tiptoes; then walked towards us, still on her tiptoes; walking from side to side, like she was about to fall over. She got to right next to the couch then slowly danced on her toes past us, moving her hands over our faces and eyes; coming a hair's breathe of touching us.
    The words she said were, "Can you hear me; are you near me; cling to; to leave them; we'll meet again; when both our cars; collide."
    On the last word of the song she spun around five times on one toe, then clasped both of her hands acros her chest, gasped; and fell backwards.
    We had both seen this dance before many times, and heard the song, as well; as it was one of our favorites; but to see Katy sing and dance to it; that was something entirely different.
    On that day, whether she ever knew it or not; Katy showed me what true beauty was. She showed me that there was still innocence in this world, untainted by even the very family that lived around her. I've never been able to hear that song or see that dance ever since and not think back to that day; and to the pure Heavenly glory that must have been shown to me through that beautiful little girl, Katherine Isabella Rose. The things that she taught me are things that I can't imagine anyone else ever being able to experience, or even imagine. One thing that illistrated her pure innocence was that after she got up off of the floor, she jumped onto my lap and asked me, "Cammy, how do you break a heart?" I almost started crying just at the thought of how innocent she was to not even know how a heart could be broken. That day that little girl stole my heart, and taught me just what love really was; and is.