• Biting wind howled through the canyon, coupled with a cold shower of rain. It was the first rain of a thousand years.
    And with it, brought a new beginning.


    “Who am I?”
    A question I had asked myself countless times over, but had never expected to find an answer to. I pressed a stalk of grass between my fingers wistfully, repeating the question to myself again. Somehow, I felt I knew the answer, but couldn’t quite grasp it. Finding it inspired me.

    A ripple of wind brushed through the sky, whispering to the world before me. It was something I couldn’t describe in words, just tendrils of thought that snaked themselves into my mind every so often, and vanished without a trace.

    It left behind something with much greater meaning. Something inexpressible with words, and too great a feat to understand.

    I strive to learn as much as I can. To find an answer to all of my questions, and to find a reason to all of my answers. To gain experience and knowledge – something I have so much of, yet so little. I know I am just barely scraping the surface..
    And I yearn for so much more.

    So when will I get these answers? Will I learn them over time, or will it come to me all at once? Will I wake up one morning, and find it inside of me?
    If I pray, will I receive an answer – or can I find it it myself?

    Will I ever be satisfied with what I've got?

    I can question everything, but I will never receive a straight answer.
    Even if I could, I wouldn't want that.
    It is something I hope I will never grow out of, because finding these answers always inspire me to be something much more than I already am.

    It's strange..
    But this feeling is amazing.