• :Rules:

    1. You may hit somebody only if they move back or attempt to block the hit. You may NOT hit them if they blink as this is a natural human reaction.

    2. You may only hit them on the arm.

    3. If you're attempting to make somebody flinch and your hit connects, the person you hit gets the two free hits on you.

    4. If you are the victim of a "Flinch Streak" (flinching because of the person's "Flinch Hit" wink you may, AFTER THE FIRST ONE, pick where you would like to be hit.

    5. If two people attempt to make you flinch at the same time, they have to do rock-paper-scissors to see who gets the punches OR each of them can get 1.

    :Hardcore Rules:
    (Not for sissies)

    1. This should only be played by people that barely ever flinch.

    2. If you make somebody flinch you get to choose between 5 arm punches, a shin kick, or a gut punch.

    3. If you are on a flinching streak of 5 or more flinch-punches, the person who is flinching may ask for an ear punch to disallow the streak to continue, this also alows the person to be immune from being punched (and in turn, punching others) for as long as they choose.

    4. If you draw blood, the person can choose to punch you in the nose. Thus breaking your nose. Watch out for how hard you punch.

    :Above All:

    1. HAVE FUN!!!