• What is color?

    Color: a pigment on a surface reflected by light.

    Well, I assume that's the right defenition. A pigment we see on a surface... light reflection... intersting. Now, why do you think dogs, cats, animals alike, can't see colors? Why can WE see colors? Well for one thing, the our eyes are better developed and... Oh, no, no, no. What am I talking about? I'm not lecturing biology here, am I?

    We humans have a special gift, and that is not instincts my friend, but thoughts. We have different thoughts, emotions, feelings, and that sort of thing. Animals... mainly rely on instincts, unlike us. Let me give an example here...
    When you're feeling angry or feel like ripping someone's head off, what color do you think your emotions are? I would say red, am I not right? When your feeling blue... oh, darn, I gave that one away. You see, each of those emotions, or thoughts, have their own specific colors (Just like that one ring where it turns into a specific color based on your mood). These emotions are somthing we have that animals don't.
    This is the reason why we can see colors. This is the reason why we enjoy colorful paintings. This is the reason why we love to imagine. This is the reason why humans fell in love with the majesty of Colors.

    Okay, I think I concluded that well. Before you animal lovers offend me, please note that I love animals too, but I'm talking about wild animals, animals with instincts, not domesticated dogs or such.

    Okay! That's my philosophy for the night, good night.