• about 2 years ago, i was walking home from school, but i took a shortcut because sum boys were trying to get me lost (i was picked on alot because im so tiny)
    and i heard a mads yell, and a car engine,
    so i ran down the road and saw him lying in the alley bleeding like heck,
    i pulled of my shoes and socks and made a temporery guaze over his left sholder and thigh, " you...you...you saved me" he stuttered
    "you must be an angel from heavan"
    i blushed
    " j...j..just stay still! you'll be okay"
    i looked at my hands, which were covered w/ blood
    he keeped on bleeding
    i pulled of my tee-shirt, (and yes, i was wearing another shirt) and tore it into strips and began wraping them aroung his wounds
    "i cant stop the bleeding" i cried
    i wiped my dirty face, which now had blood on it,
    " do you have a cell phone?" i wispered
    he laughed, but it musta hurt cuz it sounded strange
    "check the pocket" he wispered
    so i pulled a blood covered phone out of his pocet
    and dailed 911
    it took about 10 mn for the EMT to arrive, and untill then, we chatted while i tore up my bookcovers and a chunk of my skirt
    and placed it on his stab wounds,
    when the ambulance arrived, they put him on a strecher and asked me several questions
    "your a very brave lttle girl" one of the drivers said
    "eh-- im 13"
    "sorry, you look like your 10"
    i laughed and got in the ambulance were they washed off my arms and legs cuz they were covered in blood
    the man i saved name was Evan Patterson, and he told the EMT about the accedent, and how i saved his life
    when we got to the hospital, they called his family, and i got some tea
    (yummmmm... it tasted like peppermint)
    and then his family came into the room.
    that was were i saw Ian for the first time.
    he was tall, and had brownish-blonde hair and the most gorgous eyes ever. they talked for about an hour, and then evan finnaly told them about me, how i saved him.
    "where did she go?" Evay, (ians mom) asked
    he laughed and pointed at me
    they all stared at me for the next 5 minutes
    "shes very small, how old is she?" ian asked
    "i..i..i'm 13"
    he gave me the most beautyful smile ever
    "you saved my father"
    "um... yeah, i guess i did"

    a while l8r, ian and i went a a walk around the hospital.
    i was blushing the whole time
    '' your pretty, you know" he said when we were finnaly alone
    " uhh.... not really--" i stutterd
    then he turned around and hugged me
    i wrapped my arms around his neck and i started to cry
    i think he was too
    "i could never thank you enough" he wispered
    "thanks" was all i could say

    a few weeks later, evan patterson died, nobody really knows why, but we think it was bloodloss

    now its two years later and were having our first child together
    and we are in love and will be forever

    (Ian is helping me write this, because im sobbing, and he just kissed me, again)