• The wind blows lightly..
    I'm standing at his threshold, preparing myself to look in his eyes again. Wild almond flowers are scattered everywhere, and the soft breeze is enought to make more of them fall..
    I take a deep breath, close my eyes, and ring the doorbell.

    He opens the door. He always opens the door when it's me.
    I stand there for a second, and then step in the house. I greet his family cheerfully.
    He leads me to his room as he always does.
    I take over his deskchair.He closes the door and sits on his bed.

    I smile, unwillingly. I can't help but smile.
    He smiles too.
    I'm a bit unomforable today. My outfit is much different.. Mini skirt, a blouse that my back is visible..
    I sigh. He asks why. I shrug..

    I want him. I want his kiss. I want his touch.
    And I'm going to have them. I get up and sit next to him.

    "What's up?" he asks for the million time.
    "All the same" I reply, yet for the million time.

    We stay still, quietly looking in front of us.

    I turn to face him. He turns too, after some time. I move close to him, Our lips can almost touch. They are just a breath away. I smile faintly. I place my hand on his cheek. I lift my upper body, rotate my head a little, then eliminate that breath that kept our lips apart.
    The kiss is soft at first, then we turn it into a french kiss. My heart beats faster. I can feel his blood rushing in his veins under my left hand which is placed on his chest.
    I start moving backwards. He, of course, tries to follow so as not to stop the kiss. I knew he would do that. I make him fall on me.

    He is mildly surprised, but after two seconds he smiles.
    We kiss again. he's now laying half above half next to me. He kisses me again but now he uses his hand to lift my foot up. He starts stroking it while kissing me. It feels good.
    I instinctively put my arms around him and start stroking his back. It tickles him.
    His hand moves upwards. He lifts my dress and reaches the point of the abdoment.
    It feels so wonderful that I start breathing heavily and stop kissing. My mind's empty and I can do nothing but close my eyes and try to proccess the imense pleasure I'm feeling.

    ... and then I wake up...