• Fate never knew who she was. She thought she was unreal at first. She never matched the people waround her. In orchestra, she was the only one who got the music on the 3rd try. In band, she was the only one who could finger the positions on her flute with ease. In math, she gazed at the teacher, i'm sure she felt uncomfortable. In reading, she read so quiet that no one heard. Her music was her destiny, she was meant for it.
    At lunch, on clear days, they we're able to sit outside. she got permission from the orchestra teacher to play her violin at lunch. She never ate in public, she would climb the tall tree outside her school in the eating area and take out her violin and hang the case on the end of the branch. The bow touched the strings and slid down, and no one listened. Jealosy.
    One day, a boy, a new student, sat at the lunch table by the gate, alone. He picked at his food, and then a soft noise pattered against his ears. he peered up at the tree. There sat Fate. She rub the bow across the strings with closed eyes and hum a tune, and then she began to sing. He stood and looked at her in joy, and then there was a snapping noise. Fate seemed not to hear. The man ran to her just as the branch snapped, and he jumped down, Fate falling into his arms. Everyone froze and looked at them. Fate's face was red with embarasment. The man stood up from the ground and put her down. "Eeow." He looked down. "Sorry about you're violin." Fate looked down and glared at it. Her eyes began to water, tears falling. Everyone was still silent. "I have some extras," the man smiled. "you can have one." She looked at him. No one expected to hear her talk, she never has. "It's just a violin," She murmured so lowly no one could hear. "I don't need another."
    "Music is life," The man let out his hand. "If you need one, you need one."
    She looked up at him.
    "My name's Tetsu, I'm from Japan."
    She put her head down, still crying at the violin's broken peices.
    "That's fate," A girl pointed to Fate.
    Tetsu looked at Fate. "Fate?" He smiled.
    She looked sad, as if he'd mock her.
    "How angellic."
    Fate's head lifted.
    "After school, i'll take you to my place, you can have one of my violins." Fate didn't reply, she nodded, and everyone's eyes widened in amazement as something crooked streched across her face.
    She smiled.
    After school, she stood against the wall at the front of the school.
    Tetsu smiled as he stepped out, his long black hair flowing behind him. He grabbed Fate's hand. "Come on," He smiled. Fate ran with him. They began slowing, and Fate looked at him.
    "You remind me of a japanese guitarist. He never smiles or talks, his name is Mana. He looks liek you too, he wears Elegant Gothic Lolita. But he's a guy."
    Fate nodded.
    "Oh, and my house is just right there," He pointed ahead. "So I have to walk to school from now on." Fate nodded once more as they arrived at the beautiful house, tall and amazing. it was light blue and victorian. Fate looked in amazment as they headed in.
    "My room," He walked upstairs.
    Fate looked in. "Those are the violins," He pointed to a shelf with violins on it. There we're 5, they all looked normal, but 1 was brown, 2 we're blue, 1 was red and 1 was white.
    "take one; any."
    Fate walked in. She looked at the beautiful and empty room. there was no ceiling fan, just candles and a small lamp at the bedside. The walls we're red and his bed was black with red sheets. Fate took a blue violin and rested it at her neck and took a bow, stringing it across.
    The notes we're beautiful and calm.
    Tetsu looked with wide and beautiful eyes. "Amazing," He said.
    She put the violin down.
    "Sit down," Tetsu sat on the bed.
    Fate sat. "So," He began. Fate nodded. Tetsu looked into her eyes. "Do you believe in love at first sight?" He asked. Fate nodded.
    "Fate, we just met, but I feel like we have known eachother for eternity. I love you."
    Fate was shocked. She looked at him. He put his hand on her cheek. "I am so sorry, but I do." Fate looked at him.
    The crooked smile returned. "I think I love you too," She murmured.
    "Do you?" Tetsu smiled.
    Fate nodded. "Yes,"
    Tetsu pulled her into an embrace, his arms around her in joy. His lips pressed to hers gently, ever so gently, his lips molding with hers. Fate blinked once. They had met this day, and here they we're. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him back. Eventually, she pulled away to breathe, and the two looked at eachother for a long time.
    Fate began to walk wout of the house with the violin case. She noticed by the door there was a large mirror. she looked. She did not see the girl with the ghostly skin, the dark makeup and the flushed face. She did not see the shunned purple bead eyes or the dreaded fron or black locks anymore. She smiled in relief and walked out.
    For now, my reader, she saw herself.