• One day a nice teacher named Mrs. Miller (1st name Ashley) she planned a field trip for her 7th grade class. She, for some reason hired a prisoner on probation to drive the bus to Macomb with-out even talking to him. They were on their way to W.I.U. in Macomb, Illinois.
    The students and the probation prisoner never showed up at W.I.U., but Mrs. Miller did because she drove her own car there. She spent her whole day looking for her students! She looked all around the W.I.U. campus & all over town. The bus was finally found by an Industry kid on the Industry bus! Mrs. Miller hurried to the bus wreck and there was nothing except the prisoner.
    The prisoner was dead in the driver’s seat. All of the other seats were empty! Mrs. Miller called the ambulance but there was nothing they could do now he was already dead. Then she went home and couldn’t sleep all night.
    The next day Mrs. Miller went to school with absolutely no seconds, minutes, or hours of sleep. Then to her surprise only one person showed up in the class the next day. The only student who showed up was, Alexis. Yet, Alexis was gone the day before. Alexis was happy and joyful that day because she got candy and all alone in Physical Education. The only thing Alexis did not love was that she was the only one in the class who could answer the questions in her classes.
    After school, Mrs. Miller went looking for her students again. This time she looked all the way from Peoria to Springfield. There was no sound of them. She went back to the bus sight and saw nothing but a rotting prisoner. Just then........ a blond haired freak ran towards Mrs. Miller yelling, “I’M BEAR GRYLLS! FEAR ME!” Mrs. Miller was freaking out! She ran so fast to her car Wilma Rudolph wouldn’t be able to catch up! She locked the doors and went home.
    Once Mrs. Miller got home she went and laid on the couch and finally took a nap.
    Then when she got up she never thought about her students for the rest of the evening
    In the morning when she got back to the school she remembered about her students. She realized that another student in her class showed up and her name was Allison. Allison was not there that day either because she had 2-4root canals done. Allison said they weren’t painful at all and it was an actual fun experience and also got a lollipop.