• You were coming home after being sent out of the leaf for anger problems and being an a misson for 1 month as you are getting closer to the Main gate you hear some one call "Hey Kira's back!! " and barking you see a white blur running at you it jumps and licks your face you notice it is Akamaru Kiba's ninja dog Kiba comes up to you and hugs you saying " I'm happy you're back, every one is waiting for you in the training area lets go meet them. "

    Once you get there everyone yells "KIRA YOUR BACK YAY" "Yeah yeah im back!!! Shika didn't you miss me you lazy dork????"you say walking over to shikamaru " Yeah no not really because with out you here i really got some good sleep with out you and your pup Rain because you tw oare home you both start barking and no one gets any sleep, well yea i guess i missed you but only a little. " Shikamaru said getting up and leaving

    End of part one