• High school for me was an interesting roller coaster experience.Freshman year,first day....I was a nervous wreck. Must've been something in the atmosphere as the rest of the freshman class took a tour of the campus. Then the bell rang, and soon we found ourselves in the scramble to get to our classes. I got lost,and was late to my first class.Luckily the teachers were nice,and I got away with it.
    Around the second week of school, I found myself looking at clubs. I settled in the anime club, with people who think and act as I do. We were nerds, no doubt. But we had each other, kinda like a family. I learned a lot from them, like how to make origami paper cranes, which we ended up making a thousand of for a mobile to put up in a room of someone in a hospital. We made two the following year.
    Sophomore year, things seemed to go a tad downhill. The common "teen angst" set in,and I outcasted myself. I lost my grandfather that year..... And it about near ruined me. I failed a lot of my classes, and found myself crying more. This was also the year when I found out who my best friends really were. I have only about three best friends now. I confided everything in them. They were the gateway in which I could unleash my worries, and not feel socially unaccepted.
    I got my learners permit that year. Yay, I could finally learn how to drive. Of course, I was a nervous wreck on the road, and almost accident prone, but I managed to learn aside from feeling extremely claustrophobic in that high tech metal box on wheels surrounded by the dangers that are other drivers, pedestrians, and blind spots. The year after,I would get my license, and be on the road to and from school.
    Junior year flew by. I don't really remember much, except for the fact that dad was getting on my case about grades. I had to take an independent study class to make up the points I missed my sophomore year. In the end,I passed junior year. I also was leader of the anime club this year, but resigned the post when my schoolwork became more important than club activities.
    Now senior year. Full of ups and downs. It was exciting. I was in choir for my fourth year. I became a choir section leader, and would later receive letters in choir, as well as an award for best all around musician in concert choir. I was also somewhat of a celebrity in anime club...all the freshmen looked up to me,as well as some of the other younger members that were sophomores and juniors.
    Then it hit... another death. I lost my favorite uncle... it was brutal to me.I slipped into a depression in which it took a lot to get me motivated to do anything. My grades began slipping, and I spent most of my lunches in a corner near the anime club. I thought about not attending prom or grad night at Disneyland. But in the end, I did both. Prom was awful for me. I had no date, and had two left feet, so no dancing for me. I spent prom night all dressed up to do nothing, and sat on the second floor balcony, texting.
    Graduation day came, and I had passed all my classes,and got a GPA that was more than approved by my dad. I cried because I was happy. I had finally reached a milestone in my life, and felt like I did something right instead of screwing things up. Things looked a little more promising now that I had my freedom. The following night, I went to grad night. Best. Night. Ever. We partied, and rode rides, laughed, and had a blast until about four in the morning.
    Now that it's all over, I look back, and realize just what I miss about it all. I miss my choir class. I miss theater class. I miss anime club. I actually miss homework. I know, kinda bizarre. But freedom isn't all it's cracked up to be. Now my parents are over my shoulder about college and jobs, my friends are all dispersed throughout the US at various colleges, and I'm stuck here, jobless, no college, and trying to figure myself out because I didn't do that in high school.......