• Why must others be so rude? I mean if you have a secret, dont mind me. But dont start announcing it to the world. Because both you and me know that you are setting me up for a trap, that when I ask you, you just reject me without a care.
    Why? Why must my friends always keep me out? Why must I always be the last to know? Why must I always have to worry about them? Why, when you put your head down, my heart all of a sudden stops, and my head is filled with pain and horrible thoughts? Why must I keep in these feelings everyday? Why must I put on a smile and a fake act around you people, when truly Im hurting inside?
    You guys come to me with your problems all the time and I help you through them. Why when I come to you, you shut me out? Why when I ask you for help or advice, you start talking about yourself?
    I'm sad, I'm in pain. I cry at night, I cry out for help. Yet no one helps to pick me up. No one notices when I fall, they dont even bother to look. They have their life to continue on with. Why must I live day after day without trust?
    I know none of it is your fault, its mine. I didnt try hard enough, I didnt speak up. I thought only of myself, I only wanted to be noticed. I just cant take this anymore, I did all I can to please everyone. You, my family, and myself. I cant do all, so what am I to do? How can this happen to me, I just want to scream. I try to hold on to a time when nothing mattered, but Im lost. Ever since she left, I've been lost. My father is in pain all the time, and there is nothing I can do about it. I probably caused this to happen. Tears are useless, they just give me a headache and make me feel worse, yet I cant help it. Her daughter doesnt care, I dont think she even misses me like her mother said she does. My grades are going down, my mind is shutting itself. I feel isolated from the world, even though Im always around people.
    Where shall my life go from here?