• Drama Takes Up
    Story by: AngelKnightArva
    Drama, drama, drama. Isn't that what everyone loves to read about? Well, here is my story of a drama love story in my first year of high school.
    "Angel, are you nervous about tomorrow?" Andi asked over the phone for the thousanth time.
    "No, I don't think all that high school rumors are true," I sighed as I was browsing the internet.
    "You're so stubborn! Didn't you see Anabell being picked on in her first year?" Andi excalmied. She had been trying to convince me the whole day that tomorrow will be a terrible day at high school.
    "All right, all right. I'm hanging up now, okay?" I said with boredom.
    "Wait! You've got to believe me, An..." Before Andi could finish, I hang up and that was the end of our phone conversation.
    The high school I went to was a pretty good one, since you had to go thorugh lots of exams to get in. Most kids there are smart, but some are just super rich and doesn't need to take any exams to get in. So, you might say I'm the nerdy kid who got in.
    tab Nope, not an unusual high school, but out of the original.
    "Hey, Angel!" Andi called out and we walked to our homeroom.
    "My locker is right next to yours! Isn't that great?" Andi said cheerfully, she didn't seem worried at all.
    "Huh? We have the morning schedule together, cool," I said.
    tab After homeroom, we went to History class together and on the way, I saw him. He was surrounded by girls and know what? He's a senior. But I just couldn't take my eyes off him.
    "Andi, you go ahead. I will catch up to you," I said to Andi.
    "Oh, okay," Andi said, "See ya!"
    tab He saw me and started to approach me.
    "Hey there! Haven't seen you around before," he said with a killer smile.
    "Oh, yeah," I replied back, blushing. Then I remember what Andi said yesterday, "Never tell a senior that you are a freshman, cause then you'll be 'dead'!"
    tab The bell rang and everyone left for class. There was only the two of us in the hallway. I realized that and started off. Suddenly, he pushed me on to the locker and pinned my hands!
    "Play with me for awhile," he said in a low whisper.
    "I-i don't," I didn't finish and his lips met mine.
    tab It was a deep and rough kiss that told me he desired for more than just that. Then my mind snapped when I heard footsteps coming.
    "You, freshman! What are you doing in the hallway!" a teacher's voice called out, "Mike, go back to class! You! Come with me to the Principle's office!"
    Mike let go of me and smirked, "Good luck, freshman."
    tab The rest of the day, I spend my time in the principle's office. That Mike-senior, did he plan this out?!
    On the way home from school, Mike and his friends gathered around me...
    "She was that freshman this morning," Mike said to his friends.
    "Let's trash her!" one of them said.
    "No, I think she's cool. Let this one go," Mike smiled, "I'll do it myself."
    tab Mike's face darkened and one of his friends took out their cell phone. Something was really wrong! They cornered me and I let out a scream. It was a night I never forgot.
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