• A few months ago, during the homecomming dance, i wore this cute little red oriental dress, but i was at my friend's house. My friend Jess did my hair and my friend Sarah did my make-up. We went to the dance and we all (all the students) were dancing and getting in a mosh-pit. Everyone was sweating and the floor was damp, and i was wearing high-heels. I was dancing with my guy-friend Jeff and a twisted wrong and fell back on my a**! My dress flew up and everyone saw my black candy corn underwear. I was so embarrassed that i took off my heels, grabbed my stuff and ran home, which is about a mile and a half away from the school, crying. Then I locked myself in my room and wouldn't come out for 16 hours.

    ((there is a picture, but it's supposed to be black and like briefs...))