• A Mortal Hero’s series , by:Brandon Kokichi
    - Story 1-
    ~The Megaton DeathBringer~

    Metal beats beneath my feet as the wind pushes against me, I breathe heavily, bullets fly behind me as I'm running out of aim from a 6 foot turret, i spyral closer towards the turret and stick a sword just below the turret in the turn system, it stops moving, but struggles, I pull a turning switch that opens its door and rip out every cord, it stops moving. I walk away from the turret, my name is Shinro Caus, I am a ninja, but not your everyday ninja, i bring down mechs that take over our world that want to destroy humanity, our world is full of greed and people have taken survival of the fittest to a new level, here there is no rules, there is no president, its us for ourselves. I exit the broken metal building sitting beside it constantly looking over my shoulder, I stand up and start walking, the sun beams through the horizon of emptiness; I walk cautiously never looking down, paranoid wondering if im just one or gonna stare death in the face, but the only thing that has kept me alive so far is my fear of death and maybe an angel watching over me. As I walk, rain falls and lightning brightens the sky then out of nowhere i see a mech with its back facing towards me, this mech was 30 ft tall, it turned its head slightly staring down at me, but doesn't try to kill me, lightning brightens the sky then the man behind the mech speaks,”off my path or face death next time you walk in it” i knew i didn't have any weapons since i left my sword in the turret, but until then, i turned from the mech, its steps almost imitating the sound of thunder every step it takes, this place had many empty places, the place i lived was in a place that was for arsenal, but now i made it into my own home, nobody knows i live here which is why nobody just crushed my whole building, i walk to my closet opening it to shimmering blades of different sizes from nodachi’s to katana’s and to ninja swords. I may be one, but I am your worst nightmare facing me. I open a crate in my closet to open to climber spikes, a pre-knotted grappling hook, and a very important piece for taking down a mech, the kunai, I close the closet door and have a few blankets on the cold stone floor. As I lie I look up a ceiling full of tiny holes where water drips through; bullets fly faster than the falling rain as im huddled in the corner, mother covers me and then “NO”, blood drips down a silver cross she always wore, “MOTHER!”, i awaken heavily breathing with my hand on my chest covering my silver cross. My mother could have lived if it weren't for those damn mechs, they just want power, why are they so greedy, they would kill for anything!? Its an end goal I will never understand, to wipe out the weak and to steal the world from us, their are still people out there locked away hidden from everything that happens, I'll take them all on, i grab a bowl from my closet and grab a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide from a med kit I always keep around, i cut piece of my blanket and bite down as i dip my feet covered in blood in, in pain I punt the plastic bowl across my room “GAHHH!”. I bandage up my stinging feet and proceed to wrap them with a cloth so i don't get an infection and so i can walk without a problem, I walk up to my closet pulling out essential items, a knotted grappling hook, a straight edge ninja sword and last but not least the kunai. The items get stuffed in a backpack along with a pair of ninja claws. I cautiously walk out in the broken city looking for food, and then i had an epiphany, “there must be a food supply source somewhere or else the mech riders wouldn’t still be here”, with a slight chuckle i lift my mask covering my face and tie it back, this is gonna be interesting. I climb a dead tree and overlook the horizon studying where the food supply comes from, i cant gather from other buildings because it was all wiped out from other survivors, and then i see something interesting, i see a mini walker that what appears to be a care package belted down, it stood around 6 feet. I look both ways checking my 6 and being sure i'm not being watched, i climb down the tree, i look for a clear path and begin to run clearing the ground beneath me, i stop for a brief moment and grab my grappling hook, i ready my hook and start swinging it, the hook flies through the air and just like that, the hook latches around its metal leg and then i proceed to circle it as it tries to continue its path and then as it tries walk, it falls forward, i open up its back panel tear at the cords and then it stops moving. I pull out my kunai and cut the nylon belts holding down the package, i open it up to a few liters of water, a few bags of trail mix, and a few things of jerky. I close the package and unwrap my grappling hook from the walker, put it in my bag and start pushing my package “MY PACKAGE” across the grass to the road, and make it back home then proceed to have the best dinner i had in a while, i feel alive again and then i take a small nap, then hear the sounds of thunder “that's not thunder” the owner of the package seemed frustrated and then crushed the mini walker, then it scans around and then shouts “You b*****d, THAT'S A WEEKS WORTH OF FOOD YOU THIEF”, it continues to scan with a red light emitting from the front and then it starts shooting up the buildings, i rush to grab my backpack and laid flat till it stopped. I run and then it attempts to shoot me, i run a little faster just past its aim knowing the turn systems are a little slow, but one little slip up like tripping could end me, i circle towards the mech and slide through its legs leaving my backpack, it stops for a moment, i put my mask down and reach for my kunai then put it in my mouth as i grip its bipedal joints and start climbing it. I make it to its back, It turns scanning the area hunting me, i grip the mechs armor piece that sticks out just enough to grip it, and then i make it to its back, i lie myself on the flat top of the mech and grasp its roll cage that surrounded its glass, i drop my kunai in my hand and start hitting the glass cracking it, it struggles getting me off turning in slow circles. I grip as hard as i can with one hand and hit the glass with the side of my hand in a fist, it begins to break more, and in a clean hit the glass shatters falling on the mech rider causing him to fall over, i jump in the cockpit and just before he could bring his fist up i swiftly strike between his eye’s with the back of the kunai causing the front of his skull to shatter, he covers his face leaving his stomach open for a stun strike, as the rider is temporarily down, i launch the mechs back missile in the air knowing i have time, i rush out of the mech and slide down the limbs and start running, i knew that even if the mech were to try to run it would be too slow to escape its blast radius, 9 minutes go by and i rush to the nearest enclosed area and just when i see the missile drop back down on the mech, the mech just explodes in pieces covering the roof tops with another broken building the mech was near, i look outside and notice that my home barely got hit with the collapsed building; With how loud this was, i knew i had to leave, because my bag is gone, i goto what was left of my home and find my closet knocked over, but realize the stuff in it is still in tact. I reach over for my blanket and flatten it out, I grab my essentials, like what I had before and wrap it all in my blanket and use it as a bag, I tie the blanket closed and begin my new journey. The gravel’s fog hits my face, after the adrenaline leaves me I start to feel the pain from the glass, blood trails behind me and prints the gravel behind me as i walk, the pain was unbearable, but I knew if I stopped now that it could be my last, so I kept walking knowing eventually i wouldn’t feel it. The moon steals the sky raying through trees, exhaustion becomes an occurrence, I needed rest, but was in the middle of a gravel like desert and I needed to be hidden away. In hopes of being able to see the sunlight again, I sleep against a dead tree, and lay my bag down beside me, eyes begin to fall, I hope an angel watches over me as I let myself give in and I fall asleep. I dream of a past where things were better and not as painful as this era, i had to find the meaning behind all this. Why? I knew there had to be more because taking the earth as their own just didn't make sense,”HEY!” i hear a voice,but ignored it thinking i was still dreaming, and then awaken, i saw a survivor, she had advanced equipment, she had a mag belt holding at least 3 mag’s and a Colt 1911 in silver, a mask covers her face and she wears a bulletproof vest, after i grab my bag she notices i'm about to leave “hey, where are you going?” in response “I can't be here, it's too dangerous, and who are you?” in a brave tone she says “i'm a former marine” and then goes into how this all happened “i served this place for years until disaster struck, you see, there is a place called area 51, where stuff is kept behind doors, and one of those projects was making mechs, but not only that, but to one day make them for military use, but that would soon be the death of our country, the military had a lot of power at this point and eventually caused some fight’s because it seemed unfair to alot because of how many wars they won and later this would soon be a war for piece, but in reality this only made things worse as people started stealing and taking mechs for their own this would eventually turn tables and create mass destruction, this wasn't a fight for piece anymore, now it was for power that the people wanted. People overthrew the president and kinda created their own anarchist ``''but there's still something that bugs me, people have been dying from these monsters, why?” in a saddened tone, “well, remember when i said there were fights, well these people started shooting at those who were in the mechs and they eventually started killing some who were in them which started the Point Of No Return which started a war within it self and sadly, alot of those who were innocent also died in the war, and nobody stopped to a point where trust was nothing but a joke which is why i then left, hence the fact im a former marine” everything started to make more sense now. “Also, i dont think i introduced my name, my name is Tank” “mine is Shinro, so how did you find me?” “you left a little trail back there and i just went straight ahead from there as it dissipated and eventually saw you sleeping and luckily not dead” she hands over a pair of sneakers, in respect i thank her, “now before you put them on, we need to do something about that so you don't get an infection” she opens her military backpack that had a medkit and pulls out some hydrogen peroxide and some super glue, i take the wrapping off and she notices the glass shards, “what did you do?” “I slayed a mech that almost killed me” she turns back to her kit and grabs a pair of tweezers. “Tell me, who are you?” “well, im a ninja who trained for many years and my father was a samurai, and after my father passed away from old age my mother then took care of me, and when destruction hit, we were hiding in the night as there were red lights hunting for literally anyone, we were scared and as we were hiding we got spotted and she jumped in front of me and as she covered me, it was over, she got shot in the stomach from the mech, i started crying and she rips a silver cross necklace she always wore and put it in my hand, then smiled and fell asleep, the mech looked at me and i was scared, it then turned away from me and i ran away, as i got older, i then found a manual on how mech’s work that got left in a building, i learned how mechs work and how to operate one, of course that was never my intention, but i learned to do it so i can take these monster’s down, i was so frustrated i eventually learned how to destroy a mech by myself after everything i learned from the past as a ninja, i started eventually taking them down, they deserve to be destroyed after everything they did, not only killing my mother, but people. In a sad look, she looks at me as she finishes her small operation, “your lucky to have been alive” she gives me cloth wrap and says “here, don't wanna open your wounds back up and get an infection” i almost never wear shoes because i have heightened senses in feeling, i can sense small vibrations from long distances and able to tell where its coming from and how far. I slip on my pair of sneakers and i was enlightened knowing I wont be tracked down by my blood trail, I felt safe. Tank looked at me “it’ll probably be best if i stay to protect you, you cant take them all on” ,in a cocky tone i said “i can protect myself, it’ll be better if we parted ways, although i believe your a good person, but the last thing i need is someone else i care about die in front of me. In a grin she said “alright, but be careful out there” she stands up and salute’s, and i do the same, then we part ways. “I will remember you...Shinro '' I grasp my made bag and throw it over my shoulder, and begin my never ending journey. The wind pushes the dust on my face, i pull my mask up trying not to breath it in, the sand below slowly dissipates as I continue walking and slowly the path goes into a road, a city that once was is now covered in its own crumbled concrete. Scanning the horizon checking somewhere to watch, i find a tilted building, but still up enough, i walk up the building and lie on the top staring at the sky and then something wrong occurred, something unexpected, a weird hexagon shape appears like a hole in the sky and just like that, it disappears,”What the hell?” in a brief panic i look around “am i being watched?” After figuring myself back together, I shrug it off, but of course I can't keep the thought out of what exactly I just saw. I walk down the building and look for a place to stay in and eventually find a smallish home made of bricks, i go in and drop my stuff on the floor and grab my jug of water and start to drink a little bit, but enough to hydrate myself, and of course i snack on some granola and sleep through the night. “The war has only just begun...Shinro..” the sounds of thunder awaken me, and in a loud intense tone, I hear someone say “you can't hide from me!” I organize my items and grab my essentials for the fight, but before I do, I begin to meditate, clearing my mind of fear and what might hold me back. I put my sword on my back, my kunai on my side, I walk outside without a word and I stare dead center at the cockpit of the mech, 60 feet stare back at me, “you must really wanna die, don't you?” i continue to stare at it as it mocks me” it points its arm straight at me as it then forms into a machine gun, I begin to circle the mech just before it begins shooting, bullets fly behind me as i continue to run and then its leg lifts up shadowing over me, swiftly i jump into a forward roll evading the stomp, it then mocks me again “I was the one who let you free after i killed your mother” rage comes in “DAMN YOU, you cold hearted MONSTER, i will never forgive you for what you’ve done!” the mech slam’s down its arm, swiftly i rush up its arm, “Your Corrupted, you think your so powerful you can just wipe out humanity and take the world for yourself, YOUR SELFLESS, you lost your soul to this MACHINE!” the mech lifts its arm up trying to sway me off, i then drop myself on the roll cage of the cockpit, “AGHH” i grab for as long as i can and then while grabbing the roll cage i bring out the kunai and start slamming the glass, “you can't break it, its bullet proof you dumbass” it then starts to rush into a building trying to kill me, i aim myself toward a building window and get shot through it as the mech slams up against it” the building starts to fall apart, and the mech rockets away, i then look for a window opposite of where the building was tilting, i break the window and slide down the building on my shoes, and keeping low as possible rooting myself, i then land into a forward roll absorbing potential impact, “ I know your still alive...Shinro,this battle isn’t over till your dead” and then i had an epiphany, i then stand center of standing building’s and then i wait, the mech then aim’s at me one last time. My eyes close, sweat drips down my face,my eyes open back up, and then the mech’s arm weaponizes, in an instant i break into a sprint, it begins shooting down every building i pass by, building’s begin collapsing as i continue to circle it and just like that every building falls upon the mech, “NOT SO FAST NOW ARE YOU”, the building’s were just enough to pin the mech down, however the mechs cockpit was still barely protected by the roll cage, the mech’s cockpit opens up, the man begins crawling through the top, “were not done yet, drop your weapons and fight like a real man Shinro!” I dropped everything I had and prepared for the fight. My hands raise into fist as he does the same, i focus on where his shoulders are rather then his fist, just by looking at his eye’s i can anticipate his movement, he begins to strike into punch, in a side step i grasp his arm and side kick his knee, he collapses on the ground in anger and pain and stands back up on his one leg, he raises his fist back up and i notice on one hand he has the middle knuckle out, he is going for the death blow, he almost breaks in my guard and in a brief i bring my fist up towards my head, blocking his blow i palm strike his head knocking him down, he tries crawling for his gun and i kick it of the way and pin my knee on his back and pull his neck back,”this is FOR MOTHER!” i then stick out my knuckle and temple strike him, he then falls flat on the sands never getting back up.

    Chapter 2 [The End?]
    I look up in the sky and see a man clapping, he then walked on the air on some kind of surface that was barely visible, but seemed to follow his movements, he then stares at me, long black hair barely covering his cunning face of lies, he wears a white suit and a red tie, “well well, what a specimen do we have here?”I asked in confusion “Who are you!?” in a shocking answer “isn’t it obvious my nephew?” “uncle?...WHY, what is happening” in a evil grin he speaks “Power, in here you can have everything, we can have the world, we can be powerful, we can have freedom” i start to tear a little, i speak “but so many died, why would you do such a thing!?” he answers back, “because our family left me, nobody wanted me, everyone hated me, I hated being treated like this, so i wanted to….assert my dominance upon this cruel world and have my own freedom, dont you want a place with true freedom?, a place without the need of rule’s, just think Shinro, we can have everything we ever wanted. He then creates a set of stairs that were barely visible, he then puts his hand out “won't you join me?” and then off at a distance i see Tank with a sniper rifle, she then fires, and like magic, there was some kind of barrier around his body stopping the bullet, he then snickers a little bit “you made a real mistake” Tank gets lifted off the ground and brought towards him, and then Tank starts to speak “DONT TRUST HIM, HE’S MAD FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE” i then begin to shake “Uncle, what have you done?” he then snaps his fingers and like that the sky dissapears and there was some kind of dome around this area that i thought was, but wasn't, like a weird illusion? Outside this dome there was people screaming in fear through the flames as there were mechs surrounding the dome, watching me, i tell him “i dont want this, at all, i just want to live a normal life, how am i supposed to live such a life with murder and suffering after the chaos you created?” he then snaps his fingers recreating the skybox that once was,he then talks “i worked hard, to get to where i am, i created nano tech that is capable of so much, i created mechs to assist my duties and that little fight that you thought started, it all was nothing, but a mere red herring, just don't try anything stupid, remember whats watching you” I then hear laughter from the mech’s outside the dome. I fall to my knees, this must be some kind of nightmare, I try to think, how the hell do i win this? Uncle speaks a little more as he walks around me,” so what will it be, do you wanna be like everyone else outside, or do you want power, there is a reason i wanted you to survive, we're family,don't you want to live the perfect life?” Tank stares at him in anger, i then look at him in anger “i cant let you hurt these people anymore, i will never let them be in your stupid game after all the suffering they have to endure” he then turns his back on me “dont be stupid Shinro, remember what will happen” i get up and rush with a kunai at hand, and i try to ram it through his barrier, the barrier knocks me back and then an invisible force lifts me off the ground.”tell you what shinro, i’ll make things fair since your mortal” i then look at my body as a nano exoskeleton forms around my body “this is your chance to face me, this is between the people and the world, if you win, i’ll let you free humanity and become the new ruler, but if you lose, i get to wipe humanity and keep the world to myself” we begin to float through the air and as we do, an exoskeleton forms around uncle. “NOW FACE ME” a helmet forms around my face, Tank looks up and screams “SHINRO!” i rush at him full force and shoulder ram him, he gets knocked back, then a blue aura forms around his body, almost looking like plasma, his aura started to spark, i then thrust upwards and axe kick his helmet, and right when i do, a shockwave of plasma from his exoskeleton shoots me back, “DAMNIT” he then walks to me slowly and like magic a katana formed in his hand, i try to think on what to do i then focus my mind, then a shield formed on my forearm “this is basing weapons off my thoughts,its reading my mind” i stand guarding my position keeping my mind at a focus, i put my arm out as a nano sword forms, he then looks at me “i can see you have quite some Will” wings form on my back, i then fly at him, he does the same, we then start flying at each other and start slashing, then he slashes off my arm, “AHHHH” blood falls and then, then the nanomachines from as a new arm, i then grasp my shoulder in pain, in pain and frustration i continue, he proceeds to slash my legs as i rush him, i then thrust upwards while uppercutting him, i fly up and kick him back down, he then slams the ground, i then form my arm into a blade and aim for the chest, but as i do, he then disappears and he then reappears behind me he grabs my neck and starts shooting me towards a building he holds me against the smashed concrete and then i see sparks coming from his other hand, i then grab his arm to lift myself then begin to kick him back, we rush each other as sparks from the slashes are the only thing visible, like stars shooting through the sky. Rain starts to pour, in a dead stare, i see him, i begin running and form myself into a 6 winged wolf with an Odachi in mouth, i then leap in the air in a corkscrew flip downward slashing his helmet off, his helmet begins to shatter killing the nano machine’s, he falls to his knees and then forms into a dragon, he proceeds to shoot plasma out of his mouth, i start to spyral him and rush up his back and then i make the great leap, i drop the sword out of my mouth and kick it down faster than a bullet, shooting through his head, he falls to the ground leaving a puddle of blood and then all the nanomachines begin to fall off, i form back to normal, blood pours out of my arm, in the final moments, i rip my cross off and put it in Tanks hand, everything falls in a shade of black, “you will be remembered...Shinro”, as the mechs surrounded them the mechs began to sing a chant, no longer was their pain, no longer was their suffering, everyone was set free. Tank then buries Shinro, and drops a rose on his grave,”Thank You, for setting us free”.