• Allyson Rose was born In the middle of a vicious snowstorm in a small cabin in the middle of nowhere. When Allyson was born she was glowing with so much magical power it was overwhelming,Her
    Mother was terrified her daughter was glowing a bright green color with little sparkles of purple and blue , her mother was so terrified her daughter was born different scared of what would happen if people found out she wonder how she was gonna hide her from the world , The thought of someone taking such a beautiful young daughter because she was different made her a little less sane.

    Allyson was born with flaming curly red hair with sparkling green eyes , her mother marveled at the sight of her for she was the most beautiful human being she has ever seen in her life time .

    Allyson mother Rena Rose was just an average person with dark brown curly unruly hair , nothing extremely attractive about Rena she was just a plain average woman . Thing is Rena didn't even know she was pregnant till the moment Allyson was coming into the world , as Rena was sitting there in the tiny cabin with Allyson in her arm she remember the dream she had a couple months back .

    The Dream or so she thought :

    Rena came home from the bar that was located right down the street from her flat, she was really hammered by the time she got to the front door of her home that she didn't notice the handsome , tall stranger standing behind her, as she goes to unlock the door to her flat she drops her keys , stumbling trying to find her keys, Rena Starts muttering under her breathe "dammit why am i always so clumsy " She was just about to start looking for them in her drunken haze when she heard the sound of her keys being picked up from behind her. She spun around so fast that the world started to spin the next thing Rena knew she was on the ground staring at this mans feet , the Mysterious figure bent down the help her up , Rena starred in awe , this man that stood before her was the most gorgeous man she has ever seen . He was dressed in a navy blue suit that looked like it was made of silk and the color , he had long red hair down to his shoulder blades with what looked like a crown made of the most beautiful flower Rena has ever seen , His Face was perfectly chiseled but what caught Rena the most were his eyes. His eyes were a deep green like the forest itself, so wild yet burning with passion.
    He spoke But Rena could barely catch what he was saying for, the smell of flowers were flooding her senses, the smell of roses and fresh lilies made everything more enticing. Her mouth was watering intensely like she bite into the most juiciest apple on this planet. After snapping back into reality she was able to stand the stranger offered to help her though her front door in exchange he would like to tell her about his world and why he has chosen her , Rena Looking a little confused but she agreed for she felt like something exciting and unforgettable was about to happen. Rena Night went by in a blur when she woke up the next morning she was super hungover and couldn't for the life of her remember anything from the previous night but the smell of roses and lilies remains .