• After years of service, it’s heartbreaking for these well respected officers to finally say that their retirement ought to be in order as their happiness and livelihood must be put into consideration. Though the remaining threat the 1st Iteration remains, their forces have drastically reduced in mere weeks upon the deployment of the 2nd Iteration along side their soon to be retired key officers, and any/or those seeking to ally themselves with the 1st; were soon met with an untimely demise upon agreeing to help those traitorous simulations who we thought were a great start in the Collective’s long wish to become better.

    Even though these fine officers helped paved the way to ending this internal war by ridding their original counterparts from the facets of life. Losing them to retirement may not be favorable, but their decision to do this is theirs and theirs alone. From years of training during the 1st’s absence and skirmishes to the elimination of their originals and those who would pose a threat to our empire, a monumental mark for our history yet a heartfelt fair well for those who were able to make it happen. They will be missed for not only their skills in the battlefield but they’ll also be missed by their peers who’ve served alongside them.

    May they always be remembered and have us in their memories as well.

    Still there is a war to continue on until the end and the nomination for those who deemed fit to serve as the officers’ replacement are to be in order, though we’ve been given a special condition as to which of these nominees will be chosen as the successors to the key officers they’re replacing.

    The one we call [redacted] states that it is not us who’ll be responsible for picking these nominees as successors but the nominees themselves and that it is they themselves who must prove to us that they’re more than able to take their respective place as the newly elected Key Officers within their field. We hoped for a better solution, though we were assured that this method will provide a much better outcome and as such; our trust is in Fate’s hand. A few of us are a bit uneasy at best, however, one of our own trusts her subordinate.

    Here’s to our fortune and to the happiness of our retired veterans and their families and future generations.