• Chapter 31: Battle With the Demigod Warlock

    “Welcome, fools,” said Erebus, in a dominating voice that reflected his current form. “Welcome to the end of your world, and the beginning of mine!”
    “You will not get away with your crimes, Erebus!” declared Valerius.
    “Oh, but I already have!” gloated the warlock. “Once I am a god, I will smite you all before ascending to the divine plane to establish my dominion!”
    “That will never happen!” said Galina. Waving her staff, she whispered an incantation and sent some lightning. It went past Erebus and struck the two crystal objects off the pedestal, causing them to shatter on the roof floor.
    “NO!” screamed Erebus. The transformation had been interrupted. Now he could not achieve the status of a full god. Rather, he was halfway—a demigod warlock.
    Nevertheless, Erebus was furious.
    “Blast you all!” he yelled. “No matter. I may not be able to achieve full god status, but I have more than enough power to mow you down!”

    Nauplius raced up with his battle hammer at the ready.
    “I’m going to pound you into warlock waffles!” he yelled.
    “I would like to see you try!” Erebus mocked in response.
    The Dwarf leapt into the air, preparing to flatten his enemy with the hammer. But the marble weapon would not come into contact with the target, as a shield of magic deflected the attacker away.
    “You bore me,” scoffed Erebus as he sent a sphere of fuchsia light at the Dwarf, trapping him in a prism of crystal.
    “You’ll make a great lawn ornament!” Erebus said with a cruel laugh. Then he added, “Who’s next?”

    “Leave this to me,” said Galina, her staff ready, “I’ll blow this blowhard away!”
    “Cute line, girlfriend,” said Erebus, “did you make that up yourself?!”
    “I’m not your girlfriend, villain,” retorted Galina. “Like ANY woman would want to be yours!”
    Galina spun her staff around, conjuring up a tornado and sending it at the villain. But Erebus only budged a few centimeters before swiftly spreading his hands to dissipate the whirlwind. Galina then sent out spheres of lightning at the self-made demigod, but he caught one of them with his hand and sent it back at her, knocking her out!
    “Galina!” cried Valerius, Rouvin, and Zanthe.
    “This is just all too easy for me!” laughed Erebus.

    “Zanthe,” said Rouvin, “I have an idea! Cover me!”
    Zanthe nodded and cast some nature spells. Whatever sparse dust that was on the roof soon was swept up and struck the warlock in the eyes.
    “Gragh!” roared Erebus as he rubbed his eyes.
    The distraction was enough for Rouvin to shoot an arrow at the Crown of the Tyrant, which fell of his head and sailed off the edge of the tower roof. They were too high up to hear, but they were certain it shattered on the ground far below.
    The glow surrounding Erebus soon vanished, and his eyes were back to normal, or as normal as they could get. Erebus was now a regular warlock once more.
    “You…” Erebus whispered in wrath. “You have interfered for the last time!”
    Erebus motioned with his hands and summoned some greenish blue fireballs that sailed towards both elves, knocking them backwards. They were still semi-conscious, but the pain was great.
    It was now just between Valerius and Erebus now. Valerius soon got out his Plasma Blade. The fate of Olympalantis, as well as the entire known world, now hung in the balance.

    Valerius soon ran up, dodging every magic projectile Erebus shot at him, and began striking various blows with his Plasma Blade. All the trouble the warlock caused, from kidnapping his beloved Delphinia, to slaying his loved emperor, filled Valerius with an uncontrollable rage. The hero was determined to ensure Erebus Tonadi faced justice, one way or another.
    But Erebus, despite the wounds, was determined that his rival fell to his magical might first. Some spells were wide enough to knock Valerius back. However, Valerius, when he was able to see after a flash of some spells faded, noticed something as well.
    The blows he and his friends landed seemed to knock Erebus back as well. How Erebus didn’t notice this is anyone’s guess. But this gave Valerius an edge—all he had to do is persist in his attack, and victory would be his.
    “Fool!” mocked Erebus. “Can you not see that you are only delaying your inevitable death? Why not just give up?”
    “Because,” answered Valerius, “I have a cause worth fighting for. For Olympalantis, and for my beloved Delphinia! And besides…”
    “Besides what?” asked Erebus.
    “Besides,” said Valerius, “you don’t seem to noticed that you’re running out of luck… or at least out of a place to stand.”
    Erebus soon cast one last spell—a large red sphere of magic. But Valerius leapt into the air and delivered one last thrust. Not only did this badly wound the warlock—it pierced him just below the heart—but it was the final blow that knocked him backwards! The evildoer screamed as he plummeted to his doom. At last, the war with the Warlock, Erebus Tonadi, was over. Olympalantis was saved.