• One was always the leader, the one who took the blame most times.
    The other, the quicker thinker, the tinker, the power behind the muscle.

    Many was their journeys, as were conquests.
    Many were their failures, as those taught them best.

    Always a friend, the other half always there for the other.
    Never was there a thought of one without the other
    Like superpowers, two of a same make and design

    The few differences always did glow out like a light

    One was strong and fearless to a point of self damaging
    Disturbed for the sight was his, the first to glimpse life and fate without the other

    The second born was just like him, but smaller with a knack to thinks things through.
    Gifted with the self-awarness that the other had lost to the currents of time

    it is hard when your very soul was split/copied at the time of being
    The resonance that brings our minds into being

    Twin powers are real
    Never one thought goes without the thought of the other
    Loosing yourself to the great big will release you, yes.

    With the case of the twin though, this severing yourself from the main will violently and horrifictly sever you from the other half.

    Causing them to suddenly feel a loss so earth shatteringly catastrophic that it is unthinkable.
    Forcing the twin that stayed behind to go through a rebirthing so to speak as a single born person.

    The twin that moved on however, was ready for this. having accepted that it must end one day.

    With a great love and soul wrenching guilt the twin goes forward and flies into the great big. rebirthing as a single born once againe.

    Suddenly it has happened, a great act on the sea of reality.
    An act so profound that it shakes everything down to its core

    New souls born from the splitting of one,
    Two brand new souls

    Who will always be best friends