• Prologue: Best Friends


    “What’s with those weird eyes of yours? Did you accidentally stab yourself in the eye with Crayola crayons?” Tom continuously picks on me with his mean comments while I’m sitting at my desk, crying on my drawing. He was laughing loudly, snorting even, from making fun of my eyes. Was it really my fault that I had green and blue eyes my whole life? My tears drop on the paper nonstop, wrinkling the picture as if it was raining inside the classroom. I’m too scared to call for Mrs. Johnson. If I did, he and his friends would make things worse at lunch break. My head starts to hurt too much from crying. “Leave me alone… I’ll give you lunch money, Tom,” I beg through my sobbing and hiccups. Hopefully, he would stop teasing me. He stops laughing and says, “All right, make sure you give it to me before we leave for lunch or else.” Staring at me to witness that I understood what he said to me, I nod my head silently while sniffing up my dripping boogers.

    He walks away from me afterwards. Without anyone else around to see what happened, I wipe my tears off my face with my bright orange dress that Mom bought for me during Easter shopping. I pick back up the yellow crayon that I was using to draw a sun on the top left corner of the paper. The drawing was completely ruined. My left hand shakes as I draw the outline of the sun before coloring it in gently. Silence calms me down before I hear Tom shouting, “Dude, let go of me!” Curious, I look over my left shoulder to see him being lifted from the ground by his polo collar by Jessie, a fellow classmate from most of my classes. Looking at him, he’s really tall and cute for his age. But from the way he acted around everyone, his mature and serious attitude scared me from the first day I met him. I am the complete opposite; I get picked on for being who I am, despite the fact that I’m cheerful and kind to everyone.

    “Give Skylar back her money and leave her alone before I get Mr. Brown and show him how much of a jerk you really are behind that rich and snobby mask,” Jessie sternly warns him while keeping a direct eye contact, staring coldly into Tom’s eyes with his icy blue eyes. From the way he looked into Tom’s eyes, my pale skin shivers with goose bumps. He squeezes the collar tighter, choking him until Tom shouts, “Alright! I’ll give back her crummy lunch money! Just let me go!” Surrendering to karma, Jessie lets go of his collar, dropping him onto his butt painfully. The landing ends with a loud thud, making everyone turn their head to look at the scene. Tom is seriously angry from being embarrassed in front of everyone. For that, he reaches into his pocket to pull out the money he stole from me and throws it in front of me. The dollar bills float down slowly by my feet as I continue to look at them. Giving up, Tom gets up and storms out of the classroom to cool down in the boy’s bathroom. My eyes shift down to my feet, staring at the money I was bullied out of because of my unusual eyes. Sadness takes over me instantly. “Why is everyone so mean to me.” I whisper to myself, feeling the tears flow down my swollen face. All of them hastily drop down to the floor.

    I see Jessie’s feet moving towards me, but I pay no attention to him. “Hey, are you okay,” I hear him ask me as he sits down next to me. I don’t look up to him because I’m scared that he is also going to make fun of my eyes. Maybe I am a freak. “Yeah, I’m okay,” I automatically reply to him while holding back my sobs. Then I instantly regret saying that; lying to him is not a very bright idea. I feel his hand on my chin, turning my head slowly to face him. He caught me lying. My eyes open wide in fear of what he’s going to say next. Now, his eyes look deep into mine just like when he looked into Tom’s eyes. Only this time, they are more gentle and calm. “Don’t lie to me, Skylar.” Those words sink into my mind painfully. I have no choice but tell the truth, or else he is going to yell at me. “No, I’m never okay. Everyone’s always picking on me because of my eyes! Why? I didn’t do anything mean, did I?” He holds my hand firmly. They feel so warm, but I began to feel nervous, so I blush. He sweetly says, “No, you’re a nice girl that is kind to everyone. And truth be told, I think your eyes are really cute. Come hang out with me during lunch, it’s better than sitting by yourself.” I blush even more from his compliment. A few moments later, he lets go of my hand and stands up to leave. He gives me a wink before he walks back to his assigned desk. Jessie just complimented on how cute my eyes are, I think to myself with a bit of excitement. I turn back around to look at my drawing before he could see me smiling at him. It is nice to know that I have someone like him back me up. I think of his offer and wonder, how could I ever back down from his offer?