• One moment late seems like little to some, but to others that split second is crucial. When you don't have the time to think upon your actions, you do not think, you act! At that time I was uncertain as to what i should do. The black haze kept building up into layers, layers, layers and layers of the uncertainties as to what action I should have took. I kept getting pulled forward, then pushed back as to whether I should save him, or stay, where I was safe. If I had never met that person on that cloudy afternoon, my life would not be so much of a mess as it is now.

    I had been sitting up upon an old thick branch above and out of sight on a tall tree, taking a leisurely nap. Below me were five tall, disorderly men. All wearing similar clothing, long puffed out pants, plain dully embroidered vests with no undershirt, along with a blue handkerchief wrapped around their left arms. It was obvious by their appearances that they were merciless thieves. The scum of Eartia who prey on merchants to steal their valuables. They stood directly beneath the tall tree on which I had been resting on.

    They surrounded a man who appeared quite rich. Either the five thieves had to really be undermining their own fighting capabilities, or the noble must be quite the fighter himself. I could ask for a handsome fee as compensation for saving him. I was feeling very conflicted as to whether I should. If he were a beautiful woman things would be different. I would gallantly jump upon the thieves and save the damsel in distress.Though this was a different story, I would not be willing to risk my life in order to save a man without a hefty price.

    This was until something had sparked my interest. A small light shimmered beneath the nobles red long-coat. It appeared to be a short sword decorated with beautiful and rare gems that not even the richest of the rich could afford. With that i suddenly attained the will to help out the handsome lad.

    CRACK! I had arose too quickly! I suddenly feel as if karma was biting me in the behind. My sudden surge on the old tree helped the branch to snap. I fell surprisingly, in the middle of the five men. Though not planned, I had fell upon the thieves, to save the damsel in distress...in a way... ?