• I don't know when it started, or how. but somewhere along the line of my life, people started calling me a flower of darkness. Saying I was cursed, like a doll, lifeless, and the only meaning to my existence was killing. I had always been bullied, because of my natural long white hair and red eyes. but one day the rumors started, more so than usual.
    I had no friends, no one to comfort me, but at my mansion on the hill, I always went to my garden, full of flowers I loved. I always went there every day after school to clear my head. The flowers to me seemed almost alive, as if i could speak to them, and listen, talk to them, as if they were people. but one day as i walk into the garden, a boy from my school appears, and starts to push me to the ground. he kicks me, and humiliates me, and i lay cringing on the stone tiles. at that moment as another kick hits me something snaps, and I lunge. starting to choke the life out of him, he gags as he tries to get air. the petals start to fly around me, almost as if they are aiding me. By the time i notice it's already too late. the boy lay lifeless in my hands, as pale as a ghost. The white rose I always have in my mouth to calm me turns red with his blood.
    I drop the dead and look up at the sky with agonized eyes, and start to wail. that's when as i notice, the flower petals swirl around me, enveloping me in their fragrance. Screaming at the top of my lungs, the flowers disperse, and the trees surrounding my house start to fall down. I fall on my knees, then collapse.
    When I came to, everything seemed normal. I lay out my hand, and see that i can still control the flowers. i rest my hand on the boy, and getting up, I dig him a grave. I never once went back to the school. And so, to this day I lay in my mansion looking down on the village as it changes, for I had found out that if someone comes to my garden, I can suck away there life to restore mine. and from time to time people do come, and though unintentionally, I kill all who step foot in my garden.
    Everything started as a rumor, and then slowly turned into something much more horrible. For I am Yami no Hana, the darkness flower, my real name lost to history, who watches down from my mansion to the humans that had destroyed my way of living, loathing every bit of who and what i am, but still living, for bitterness and hatred are my companions.