• “Thank you” a new voice said it came from an incredibly tall, spindly, young man. “It was a lucky find though, are you sure you should use this much?” The Observer got his name from the peculiar way his eyes were formed. They appeared to be black holes. He had constant bruise rings around them and they were so dark you rarely could see them. He wasn't blind, in fact he had to wear dark dark goggles during the day '...so I don't get blinded by the sun.' Tin Man and The Observer talked about this and that over breakfast as the other three started to eat as well. The Boy took a bite of the “eggs” and tried to choke it down. “Are you gonna talk today?” Doll asked The Good Boy. She was greeted with silence. The Doll sighed in defeat, she was nice enough and pretty too. “It must be hard for her, being the only girl, not just here but possibly in the world.” That never seemed to weigh on her though, she always greeted The Boy with an adorably freckled smile and her big eyes.
    “He'll talk when he's ready.” Tin man said. “Agreed,” The Observer began “who knows what he's going through. After all he hasn't spoke since the first day.”
    “He probably just doesn't have a brain! After all he's practically useless!” Reaper stated this so bluntly, as if The Boy weren't in the room. “Be nice to Good Boy!” Doll interjected. “I'm sure if The Boy had a problem he would say so!” Reaper said sarcastically. The Good Boy took no offense to this, instead he continued eating and ignored them. Reaper had a strange darkness about him, he was of average height and thin but muscular. He did not appear very formidable however; His aura was terrifying. He may as well be the Grim Reaper himself. That had nothing to do with why Good Boy wasn't offended though. The Boy simply did not care about hoe Reaper felt in regards to that matter.
    After breakfast, the group got in the car and drove down the only road in viewing distance; speeding away from the ruined building.

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