• How Could I Ever Forget You?


    "Will you stop following me, there are matters that require my attention."Loki said trying to give the big man the slip.

    "Loki, enough of your games. It's not like you lost your memories." The man named Thor shouted stopping him before he could walk in his tent.

    Willow stood up pulling out her throwing knives. Loki saw Thor reach for his hammer so he raised his hand stopping Willow from coming over. Then turned around to face Thor.

    "Iv already told you, I'm not your brother. I do not know who you are and if you must know know. The answer is yes, many months ago I woke up in this place with no memory of who I was or where I came from. But if you where my brother why don't we look alike." Loki was beginning to get annoyed with this man.

    "If that is so we have more to talk about then I thought." Thor said putting his hand on Loki's shoulder.

    Chapter One... Loki, I think.

    Something hit Loki on the head waking him up with a start. He picked up the strange thing that fell on his head. It was black with small green bumps all over it, and it was as big as his head. Then another one landed next to him making him jump.

    "Its called a Loon Nut." Someone said.

    Loki looked around to see who was talking when he came face to face with a woman with brilent fire red hair and pail skin who was upside down. But quickly stood upright. Then she tugged on the thin rope releasing it from where ever it was.

    Loki stood and slowly started to back away but was stopped my a stone wall. She walked over to the other Loon Nut and picked it up. She then pulled out a small dagger. Then walked over to him.

    "I'll show you how to open it." She said sitting on the ground in front of him.

    Loki watched as she placed the Loon Nut on the ground holding it in place with her feet. She then grabbed a rock and started to pound the dagger into its shell. It took a total of three crack points for it to open.

    Looking in it he saw a black seed that was connected to a yellow sack. She then took out the seed and the sack.

    "The black part is called the mother seed. If you boil them for an hour you can eat them. But the best part is in this yellow part. All you have to do is cut off the mother to reveal a sack of water and a bunch of these blue pods. They taste great and there so good for you." when she was done talking she offered him the sack.

    Loki sat down slowly then reached for the thing. To tell the truth he was really hungry and his mouth was completely dry. Taking a small sip he was shocked to find that it tasted good. When he bite on the pods he found then to have a sweet barre taste.

    "This is quite good, thank you." he said after eating half of it.

    "Its was the least I could do. But to be honest when I saw something flying from the north kingdom I wasn't expecting it to be a person. Oh by the way I'm Willow Hillman." She reached out her hand to shake his.

    He smiled and reached over to take her hand . "Im Loki Laufeyson, I think. I can't seam to remember anything else."

    Willow opened the other Loon Nut and handed it to him. Looking around Loki saw that they where in a crater that was covered in trees that had been up rooted.

    "Did I do this." He asked looking at the mess around him.

    "Yes, and you also did the other one about half a mile north if us. I really don't know how your alive right now." There were no sighs of her joking about this.

    ~Maybe he's a god?~

    "What about a god?" Loki asked looking over at Willow.

    "I didn't say anything about a god." But she didn't sound to sure of herself.

    She stood up and brushed off the dirt from her long black pants, then pulled her shirt which was also long sleeved. Loki stood up to and quickly finished eating.

    "So what are you going to do?" She asked him.

    To think about it he didn't know. But maybe someone in the northern kingdom would be able to answer his questions.

    "I guess I'll go north, maybe I can find some answers there. I mean it's not like I fell out of the sky. " Loki said with a laugh.

    "I could take you there."She offered.

    He was happy that she offered to help him, with only the memory of his name he didn't think he would make it very far on his own.

    "Id like that, but what about your family? Wouldn't they think it odd if you just disappeared to parts unknown with some stranger?" The last thing he wanted was some kind of man hunt out for his blood.

    "I don't have a family, Im an orphan. And it's been that way as far back as I can remember. So I'm free to go where ever I want when ever I want." There was no sadness in her voice as she spoke.

    Loki looked around for a way out and saw that the lowest edge was easily twice his hight. He closed his eyes and thought hard about how he was going to get up there. His eyes flew open when he hears Willow shout at him.

    "How did you do that!" He turned around and saw that he was now on the edge of the hole.

    He couldn't help but laugh with joy. "I have no idea! Stay right there I'll see if I can do it again..." But she was already in action.

    Willow pulled the rope out from her sleeve and through it up to him. Loki cough the small metal ball that was on the ropes end as watched as she tugged on it. When she did she was pulled up and in no time she swung up and over the edge. Willow tripped when she landed and would have fell on her face but Loki took a step forward and grabbed her.

    She looked up into his bright green eyes and was frozen there. Loki looked deep into her deep blue eyes and felt his heart race. He tighten his grip on her arms slightly and when he did Willow felt her face blush.

    Forcing himself to let her go Loki took a step back and smiled at her. "Watch your step, wouldn't want you getting hurt now would we."

    She just smiled and started walking over to a small path in the tall grass that covered most of the forests ground. The trees towered over them blocking out most of the sun. But there trunks weren't to thick. But he still wouldn't be able to wrap his hands around them.

    "How long do you think it will take us to reach the northern kingdoms?" Loki asked pushing grass out of his face.

    "Well, that all depends on what kingdom you want to go to first. There are three regions that make up the kingdom. Vilma, is the closest regions, but it's still a good three day walk from here. Then there's Gollum that's about eight days north. But the biggest region is Zumx from here it would take us about two weeks of walking." She sure did know her stuff and Loki was glad that she was on his side.

    As they walked along the past Willow and Loki both stopped when they hired shouting from over the small hill in front of them. Willow crouched down and Loki followed her lead and did the same. They inched there way through the grass to get to the hill to see what was going on.

    Loki moved the grass so he could just see what was going on, Willow Knelt next to his looking through the grass he had moved. They watched as five soldiers standing in a circle took turns kicking someone who was curled up on the ground. Willow's fists where clenched and Loki could see anger in her eyes.

    "Western soldiers, they think they can do anything they want. Hurt anyone they want, but here in the South they have no authority but that doesn't stop them." She said through gritted teeth.

    That was all the convincing he needed. Loki stood up and with in a blink of an eye he was gone, then reappeared on the road next to the circle of men. Loki cleared his thought loudly getting there attention.

    "What do you want?!" Shouted one of the men taking a step closer to Loki.

    "I want you to stop hurting that man." He watched as they started to laugh at him.

    "Don't you know who we are little man?" When Loki hired that last part something snapped inside him.

    Loki ran over to the man grabbed his shirt and lifted him off his feet. "Don't call me little." Loki then through him into one of the other men knocking them both out.

    One of them had a spear and thrusted it at Loki but he turned out of the way. Then he kicked the man in the back making him fall on his face. The last two charged him at once but one stopped at a rope rapped around his body and pulled him to the ground.

    Willow jumped out from the grass and elbowed the man in the face knocking him out. Loki turned his head around to the last guy and smiled wickedly.

    The man turned around and started running as fast as he could trying to get away from them. Then both Loki and Willow ran over to the man they had saved. Kneeling next to him Loki could finally see what he looked like and was taken back by what he saw.