• Diana and April finished there food and where standing to leave when Deitrick stepped next to there table. April looked at him with sadness in her eyes. Though when he looked at her all Diana saw was distain. 

    He was wearing his street cloths. Tan long pants and a long sleeve blue shirt. He just stood there looking at April. Diana watched him reach into his pocket. 

    "Look, he started in a dark tone, last night was a fluke, and it will never happen again you got it." He pulled something out of his pocket and slammed it on the table in front of April. 

    Diana jumped when his hand hit the table. Then with out another word he left. Looking down Diana saw a small heart locket on a silver chain. April picked it up gently and smiled. 

    "Say Diana would you want to go into town today?" April asked standing up. Diana remembered passing through the small town on the way to the hotel but they hadn't stopped at any of the shops.

    "That's sounds like fun, I just need to get some things then I'll be ready." Diana said to April as they left the dining hall. "Alright we'll meet up back here in ten minutes. I need to get a few things together also." April suggested. 

    There where many people walking around the lobby. Diana went up stairs to get her coat and gloves. People smiled and said good morning to her as she passed. The candles where all put out but you could still smell the smoke in the halls. 

    When Diana walked into her room she was shocked at how cold it was. She walked into her room to see the doors wide open and the currents flowing in the light braes. 

    Something white on her bed cough her eye. Laying there was a peace of paper folded in half laying on her bed with another flower on it. It was addressed to Diana. Picking up the note she opened it. 

    "My dearest Diana, 
    As I was looking for April I found a trail of blood from the silver wolf leading back to the hotel. You must be on your grade, that thing could be anyone. I know it's a lot to take in at once but I'll explain everything tonight. 

    Love Spencer

    P.S. Sorry for making you go to sleep like that last night."

    Diana thought back to last night and how she was attacked by a monster. She picked up the flower and walked over to the glass doors and closed them. Then she placed the new flower in the small vase with the other one. Diana grabbed her things and ran out the door. 

    She walked down the stairs and started looking for April. When she didn't see her Diana started walking towards the front door. People where chatting in the lobby in small groups that Diana had to miniver around. 

    She could hear men talking about business, hunting, news, and other things. Women gossiping about each other, debating who was cutter and other nonsense like that. Diana finally made it to the door without bumping into anyone. 

    The door was opened for her as she walked. Thanking the man she looked out to see April sitting on a horse and a girl holding the rains waiting for Diana to get on the hours. Diana loved to ride and hopped on the hours with ease. When the stable girl handed Diana the rains she said "The horses name is Dust." The name fit him, he was tan with splashes of gray that looked like dust. 

    Through it was bright out clouds casted dark shadows everywhere. "Shall we be off?" April asked cheerfully. Diana looked over nodded and beckoned Dust forward. 

    It would take them about twenty minutes to reach the town. "So what kinds of shops are there in town?" Diana asked. "There are all kinds, there's shops for food, cloths, and many more. I'll show you all the best places it will be so much fun." April sounded like she was already having a great time.

    As they walked along the road April was telling Diana about growing up in the town. She told her all about the best places to go like Anna's was the best place to go for cloths. Lanterns had the worst food but people still went there just to be with there friends and have a drink. 

    But Diana's mind was elsewhere. She was looking around for Spencer. Hopping April wouldn't notice she was looking for something. A gust of wind blew and knocked over snow off the trees. And as she looked at the trees Diana thought they looked like they where shaking from the cold.

    ***Time Laps***

    "There is a stable just over there that the hotel owns." April explained pointing off to there left. "We can leave the horses there while we walk around." Diana was so happy to have April there, she knew so much about the town. 

    The town was bigger then Diana had first thought. There must have been ten shops on this street alone. People where walking in and out of the shops with bags in each hand.
    Diana started following April as they made there way through the crowds of people walking accost the road. 

    They finally made there way to the stables. They both dismounted there horses and walked them into the stable. "Hello, Mr. Abider are you here." April called out. There was a moment of silence then a mad well into his fifties came out with a cain. 

    He had on all the gear to be fixing the horses shows and he looked happy to be doing it. "Would it be ok if we leave our horses here for the day?" April asked as they got closer. 

    He nodded and took the rains from the girls. They turned and walked away as April said "He hasn't talk much sense his wife died last year. They say her heart just gave out."

    Stopping to make a plain they had decided to just look at the shops on this road today and save the rest for another. 

    Diana saw Anna's accost the street. "How about we start at Anna's and work our way around." Diana suggested. Nodding with approval the two girls dashed accost the street. A man who was as wide as he was tall, which wasn't ever tall at all, held the door open for then. They both thanked them as they walked in the store. 

    Diana was shocked to see all the dresses and men's suits that where on display. There where large ballroom dressed and tight fitting Sunday evening dresses. Diana and April started walking around when Diana saw a silver long sleeved dress. 

    It was beautiful. "April if I wanted to get something where would I pay for it?" Diana's parents had sent her with more then enough money to last her months. "You wouldn't have to pay here, your father stated in the note he sent us that if you find anything you liked just have it charged to your room and when you go home to send the bill to him."

    "Well that makes things easier." Diana thought. 

    "Would you like to try this one on?" Said a woman now standing next to the dress. She was dressed in a purple dress with a long white apron on. "Yes please." Diana replied. 

    The dress took a good five minutes to put on but when it was on Diana was in love. It fit her body wonderfully. Spinning around to look at the dress in the mirror Diana couldn't have been happier. 

    "How does it look?" April asked through the current. When she walked out Aprils mouth fell open. "Wow you look amazing!" She shouted. "You look amazing too!" Diana said. April was wearing a long green and teal dress that flooded out at the bottom like Diana's dress. 

    They both changed out of the cloths and looked around for a bit more. When they where about to leave Diana told the cluck where to sent the two dresses. "I hope April likes the gift." Diana thought as they walked out. 

    The rest of the day went by fast. They went in and out of every store. From the bakery to the candy store. By the time they had walked out of the last shop the others where closing. 

    "Why are the shops closing so early?" Diana asked April as they walked to the stable. Diana had two bags with her one full of all kinds of candy and the other bag had trinkets from the other stores. April keep thanking Diana for the candy she bought her. Though Diana keep telling her she didn't need to thank her.

    "Well that goes back to when the Prince became a vampire." April said in a playfully spooky voice. Though it was only seven the sun was well hidden behind the trees. Mr. Abider must have seen them coming because when they reached the stables he was waiting with there horses. 

    "Thank you." they both said quickly getting on there horses. It was getting colder so they started heading back. "Why would that have anything to do with shops closing early?" Diana asked. "Well you see the night he changer many people died. They day he couldn't control his blood lust. He ran into the town draining the blood from anyone who walked by."

    That sent shivers Down Diana's back. "Well that's just one version of the story. The other is a crazy killer broke out of jail and killed the people in cold blood." Diana thought about that, could Spencer have killed those people? They where walking past the graveyard when April stopped. 

    "Why don't you head back to the hotel, I need to go to my house and water my plants. Then I need to talk to my landlord. But I'll be back right after that." Diana didn't want to leave April but she didn't want to smother her ether. So she agreed to go back and they parted ways. 

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