• Diana looked at his name tag and read Rich. When he saw her in the candle light he was shocked to see how wet she was. He pulled off his jacket and rapped it around her shoulders. In hopes of helping her get warn. 

    "Are you ok mama?" He asked. She couldn't tell Rich the truth so she played coy. There was nothing she could say that would explain why she was in this state, without it sounding like a lie. She thought as she reached into her pocket to get her key. Thankfully it stayed in her pocket during the fight and through her little swim in the lack. 

    "Can you help me to my room. please?" She asked trying to stand. Though he was confused he put her hand over his shoulder and the other on her waist. She was shaking like crazy and her body hurt. 

    "If a may ask mama, how did you end up in this state?" He asked as they passed over the first steps. "I really don't know." That wasn't really a lie, she didn't know what had just happened.

    It look them a good ten minutes to reach the forth floor.. The hall where lined with candles that flickered as they walked by. Thankfully the halls where empty of all people but them. "Well at least I wont have to explain why in wet to anyone." Diana thought.

    When they reached her room Diana thanked the boy gave him his jacket then went to the bathroom and ran a hot shower. Looking in the mirror Diana saw that her lips where blue. She peeled off her wet cloths and through them into the hamper. When the water touched her skin she immediately felt better.

    There was a knock on the door. "I'v got it." April shouted from the bedroom. Diana could here her talking to someone over the sound of the shower. The other person was talking to quietly for her to make out though. 

    "Diana, its me April. Something happened and a few of us have to go into town. Ill be back tomorrow." She said opening the door a crack so she wouldn't have to yell. "Please be careful, you never know whats out there." There shouldn't be anything to worry about she though. The wolf ran off and Spencer was still out there. 

    The door closed and Diana was left alone. Standing there she decided that she should tell April not to go. "If i hurry i can stop them." She said grabbing her robe. Once the shower was off Diana quickly went to the bedroom to get another night dress. Opening the wardrobe she pulled out the first dress her hands touched. Slipping behind the changing wall Diana quickly got dressed. 

    She had her hands on the door when the sun desk doors flew open and she saw Spencer standing there with a hand outstretched towards her. His cloths where ripped at the shoulder but there was no sign of the deep. It's that where there ten minutes ago. 

    Spencer smiled at her inviting her to come out. Diana couldn't help it she ran over to him. He embraced her tightly, with one hand on her back and the other holding her head on his shoulder. He rested his head on hears as they embraced. 

    "I was so worried about you? I thought I lost you back there?" She said holding him tighter. "I'm sorry I worried you but it's alright now. We're together now." It filled his heart with happiness to know she worried about him. 

    "April!" Diana shouted. She spun around to go find April but Spencer grabber her hand stopping her. "Wait Diana, what's wrong?" He asked in a serious tone. "My friend April and some others are going to be leaving to go to town. I have to stop her! That if that thing is still out there?!" She was so worried about then, he had to do something. 

    "There's nothing to worry about. I chased that silver wolf up into the mountain." He tried to reassure her. Diana still wanted to stop April though. "I'll just run down real fast and..." Spencer cut her off there.

    Snow had started to fall melting quickly on her skin as it touched her and in the light of the moon Diana glowed with beauty. He moved his hand to cup her neck. With the other he pulled her agents his chest. Spenser leaned down so they where only inches apparat. 

    Snow flakes landed on his hands though they melted much slower. He was staring at her so intently Diana started to blush. Spencer couldn't stop staring at her lips they where the color of peaches. He had to fight to not kiss her again. 

    "Please stop looking at me like that, it's to much." She said in a soft sweet voice that only made him want to kiss her more. He lend in close to her neck and ran the side of his face on it giving her goosebumps. 

    "Diana," he finally said him mouth still lightly touching her, "you need to sleep, please leave everything to me. Ill make sure she's safe just get some rest, and tomorrow night I'll come back once Aprils asleep." She could feel his icy cold breath on her neck. 

    Before he pulled away he kissed her on the neck. It sent shivers down her back and her knees felt week,and when he pulled away she saw passion in his eyes as he looked at her. 

    Diana's bright blue eyes glazed over and she pulled away from him slowly. His heart ached as she backed away. He held her hand till she was to fare away. Her hand fell to her side while he keep his out stretched towards her. If he could have gone inside he would have. He wanted her back in his arms. 

    Diana walked over to the bed got under the overs and fell asleep instantly. "Goodnight my love." He whispered to her. 

    Using his powers Spencer closes the door. He walked over to the edge and jumped off landing quietly on the ground. 

    Spencer started running towards town. He had a good bit of ground to make up before he would ketch up with April. Though he was running with inhuman speed he was as quit as a mouse. 

    Spencer stopped dead in his tracks, he cot sent of the silver wolfs blood. Just before it ran off earlier Spencer had sliced into its chest with his sharp nails.

    The smell was just accost the lake heading towards the castle. Spencer clenched his fists an ran over to the woods not caring about being heard. He fallowed the sent to a small pool of blood that trailed off north. Along the way he found bloody hand prints on the trunks of trees. The drops where got smaller like the silver wolf had started to heal as it ran. He was right the trail did lead to the hotel. He could feel the anger building up inside him. 

    Spencer's fangs shot out of his mouth and his eyes went black when he saw the blood trail go to the back staffs door. That thing was in there with Diana. Spencer then had a horrible thought "Maybe it was like a normal werewolf and could change to human form." This thought only made him angrier. 

    But there was nothing he could do about it tonight the sun was starting to rise over the tree tops. If he didn't hurry he would get cot in the sun. And with out the thick clouds to block the sun he would burn for sour. Spencer backed into the woods and ran off to go underground for the day.

    Back at the hotel April pulled out her key an quietly opened and closed the door. She had a bag with her cloths on her shoulder which she unpacked in the bedroom. Seeing that Diana was asleep she slipped into her bed and fell asleep. 

    9:30 A.M.

    Ting, ting. Chimed the small clock by Diana's bed. She rolled onto her back and placed her arm over her eyes to block the sun. Then her mind thought back to last night, and Diana sat up in bed with a start. 

    "Good morning Diana, I hope you sleep well." April said cheerfully. Looking over at the door Diana saw April in a long shapely blue dress. Diana was so happy to see April safe. "Good morning to you too." Diana replayed with a smile. 

    Diana quickly got dressed and washed her face before her and April headed to the cafe to get breakfast. 

    When they walked into the cafe the smell of bacon, eggs, and tea filled the air. A woman came up to them and sat then near the window. The the girl went off to get then a pot of tea.

    "April, I was wondering if you wanted to tell me some of the stories you where talking about yesterday?" Diana asked unwrapping her tea towel and placing it on her lap. With a smile April nodded her head. 

    "Well first off, she started, Prince Hisheart didn't fallow an elf into the woods the night he went missing it was a vampire. She tricked him with her illusion magic. After looking for this woman for house that night right as he was about to go back and stop looking, she appeared to him." The woman was back and ready to take there breakfast orders. 

    They decided to split a fruit salad. Diana also ordered an omelet with cheese, ham, and mushrooms. April ordered French toast with a side of bacon. When she had the order the woman took it back to the kitchen. 

    April continued with her story. "The vampire came up to him and without warning tackled him to the ground. The Prince tried to through her off but she was too strong. She bit his neck and drained him of most of his blood. As he laid there about to die she cut her wrist and forced him to drink her blood." Diana was leaning towards April hanging on to her every word.

    "He woke up the next night in a coffin deep in a cave away from people and the light of the sun. He knew he wasn't human anymore and when he remembered what had happened he went looking for his maker. And when he did he came up behind he seduced her tell her grade was down. Then he locked her arms around her and bit into her neck sucking out her blood."

    April stopped to take a sip of her tea. As she continued April added cream and sugar to her tea. Diana who had forgotten about hers added cream and sugar to hers too. 

    "He finished her off before she could tell him why me needed to stop. You see when he drank her blood it took over him. All he wanted was blood and a lot of it. He ran to town and started killing people walking on the streets. Not caring if they where his friends. It didn't matter if they where young or old, man or woman, friend or foe he attacked anyone. 

    This went on for three nights. Roomers that it was Spencer Hisheart speed like wiled fire. But the king refused to believe that his son, who he thought was kidnapped and killed, could be doing the horrible killings. The forth night though the killings stopped. Days, weeks, months, and then years went by with no killings some people started sawing it was a cereal killer who was doing the killings but there are those who still think it was the Prince."

    As April finished her story there food was placed on the table. "How many people where killed?" Diana asked before taking a bite of her food. "No one knows for sure but it was estimated that over fifty people where killed in the three nights."

    "Fifty people." Diana said looking out the window. ""Could that be true? Was Spencer responsible for all those deaths. And where was he now?" She thought. 

    Diana looked out to the lake remembering how it had been there battle ground just a few hours ago. As she thought about last night and the story April had just told her, Diana couldn't believe that the Spencer from the story could be her Spencer. Not after how he had just spent most of the night fighting to keep her alive.