• I stand on the edge of this cliff as I have done so many times before. My hands grip the safety railing as I ponder the events of the last few hours. Tears roll down my face, I can no longer stop them the pain is just too much. His face is all I can see, the tears that streamed his cheeks, eyes so sunken and swollen from tears and lack of sleep. I remember the tiny dried droplet of blood from where he had bitten his lip so hard to try and regain control of his emotions and failed. I loved this man before me, my best friend and the only light in the darkness of this world. A man that had only ever shown me his smiles and happiness but never revealed his tears before today. My heart tears as I remember the last words he spoke to me.
    “Just give me a reason,” was all that he said.
    “Just give me a reason!” it was a plea that sounded more like a threat. I couldn't respond the shock of his appearance was too much for me. I couldn't respond, I couldn't give him what he needed when he needed it most. I couldn't save my best friend's life.