• I can’t believe it’s 3 AM and I’m still awake, when will sleep come to me. I don’t want to be up this early…or late, depending on whom you ask. Once again I’m stuck on IMVU chat room hopping. Every chat room I’ve been in there have been all sorts of different conversations, some about a woman holding a baby, others about Sims, even one about a girl making a porno. None of them quite held my attention so I left each one. There was one chat room named “Singles- Hangout” so, me being single, I figured why not go in. Now, my parents and school always told me and everybody I knew not to give out your personal information so I didn’t. I made my characters name BelladonnaEmber because that was the name of the daughters in my family on Sims. So once I got in this room I went and sat down on a chair outside, again, nobody said anything to me and they were talking about farting so I left. As I was leaving I got a friend request from a guy named Ethanfire, I’m not sure what drew me back but after I left I went searching the long list of chat rooms to find him again. So once I was back in the farting chat room I went and lay out on a beach chair towards the edge of the map. I saw Ethan sitting on a chair not too far from me and got annoyed when he didn’t say anything, so I said something “Do you actually talk to the people that you friend?” and he replied with
    “Yes but I thought u were sleeping so I didn’t want to bother u”
    “Well I’m definitely not asleep” we kept talking about things we were interested in and he asked me the question that all parents worry about “How old r u?” I stuttered and said
    “I’m 18” in reality I’m 17 but I wasn’t going to say that, I never give my real age away. So as far as I know he thinks my name is Belladonna and I’m 18. So I asked him the same question and he said he was 20, I stopped typing midline. I wasn’t sure what to say back to that so I asked him what he was, I didn’t think anything of it, I know it’s a rude question to some people so I told him don’t answer it if you don’t want to. Immediately after I asked that question, a girl named DarkShadowPrincess came into the room, started playing Britney Spears and dancing on the deck in the least bit of clothing you could wear accusing me of being shallow. I’m not a shallow person; I’m just a curious one. I ask almost everybody I meet that question because I’m mixed with black and white but people think I’m Spanish so before I assume what somebody is I always ask because I know how annoying is. So after this girl accuses me of being shallow she goes on this little rant of how it shouldn’t matter to people no matter how much I try to explain to her it won’t change my opinion of him. So I gave up and just said ******** it, if I keep talking so will she so I continued on my conversation with Ethan. As the conversation went on it started to get to personal, there are all sorts of provocative positions that you can sit in with any other person in the chat room and every time I sat in one he was quick to take the opposite spot of me. Even to the point that he was caressing my legs and once had his arms wrapped around me kissing me and I moved over to a seat, I didn’t know him like that. All the while in the background the little princess is talking about how all he wants to do with me in have cybersex and we got into it again. In the middle of this fight the worst thing happened, my laptop died. Since this was at 4 AM now my light was off and I had to go searching for an outlet in my room that wasn’t obstructed by something that would make it difficult to plug back into the charger. I finally found that spot and my laptop came back to life in the same spot I was before it died, but by that time she was done complaining and left, talking about me being a noob. I was already annoyed with her and he was getting too close for comfort so I left.
    I ended up on YouTube watching HodgeTwins videos then ended up on illuminati videos, at this point it was 5:30 in the morning and I could hear my mom getting ready. I stashed my laptop under my bed and pretended like I was sleeping. I didn’t wake up till 1 PM the same day. Since this was Christmas break I wasn’t too worried about getting back on schedule, and I had an 8 hour night drive ahead of me.
    The rest of Christmas break flew by and before I knew it we were back to school again. For the first day back to class in my Zoology class there was a new kid sitting at the science table in front of me. Mrs. Sawicki was going down roll, she didn’t have to say our names anymore, and she would just look up to see if we were there. But she stopped on one name, that wasn’t familiar. So she searched the room for new faces, and she came across the one sitting at the table across from me. She then called out “Are you Ethan Tran?” I immediately snapped my head to turn and look at him; he looked up at her from his table and just nodded. I’ve never been someone to be afraid of people, especially people I meet online because they can’t physically harm me. But when he confirmed that his name was Ethan that was a little too coincidental to me even though a lot of people would’ve just brushed it off. While I was in the chat room with Ethanfire he said he was Chinese and English so when a kid that looks Chinese but has a British accent comes to class that’s set off an alarm. After our eyes connected once he wouldn’t stop staring at me, he just could not take his eyes off me. It was as if he was trying to figure out who I was, like he knew me from somewhere. I was just hoping that he wouldn’t recognize me from the chat room, but I figured he wouldn’t be able to. I never put up a picture of what I actually look like on IMVU.
    Going from zoology to my Air Force JROTC class Ethan was on my mind, he was even pretty cute. I just didn’t think I’d be seeing him again. I went into the ROTC and started talking to my Chief; he then turned around and waved somebody over to us. Ethan slowly made his way over to us and I froze up for a second, but Chief didn’t notice. Ethan shook hands with Chief and then looked me over up and down one time; the only problem was that I was department head of personnel which meant I’d be seeing a lot of him for a couple of weeks. Being head of personnel meant that I’d have to make sure I had all of his personal information, signed paper that he checked out a uniform, and signed paper that said he has an ROTC textbook. Chief figured that since I was personnel and I knew everybody in high and low positions I should be the person to introduce him to everybody and explain everything to him. I didn’t like the sound of that. Chief took me and Ethan to the middle room that held the Chief and Colonel’s office, textbooks, files, uniforms, rifles, sabres, and any other thing we threw back there. He stood us next to each other and exclaimed “Jenae! Why didn’t you remind me, I’m sorry Ethan I’m Chief Master Sergeant Palmer and this is Cadet Master Sergeant Vanderbilt” he smirked at this little outburst and Chief continued “as you can see we’re pretty relaxed in this unit even though we do have our ranks and rules firmly established”. He looked at me slightly confused and Chief told me to take him into the class and introduce him to everybody above Flight Sergeant.
    We went through our normal drill of commands that Flight Commander MacKay would call out “Flight, attention! Ready, Face! Hand, Salute! Ready, Front! Parade, Rest” I stood at parade rest till Chief came over tapped me on the soldier and pulled me to the back of the room with Ethan since I am one of the last people on roll. So I and Ethan sat at the back table and I pointed out everybody he needed to know and how to address them. I pointed to each of them “You saw the guy that gave us all the initial orders? That’s Patrick Mackay the Flight Commander, he’s cool he can’t hate anybody and as long as you’re not overwhelmingly loud you’ll be alright. Oh and you CAN call him Patrick but it’s not really preferred, you better just call him Trace or MacKay like I do. The guy that was taking roll is Jacob Waters, he’s the Flight Sergeant, he’s right under MacKay he doesn’t really talk to anybody except for this back table. The girl with strawberry blonde hair in the second row, left table, far left seat? That is Kaitlyn Andraschko, she’s the 1st Lieutenant. Even though she has a high rank she’s one of the softest, goofiest people I’ve ever met so as long as you don’t piss her off you won’t have to worry about her. The guy to her right is John Bowling, he’s the assistant to the Colonel and nobody has ever liked him, we all only respect his rank and not him but you can make your own judgments. The girl with blonde hair in the 3rd row in the center seat is August Fitch, she goes by Augie and she is second in command. She also has a short temper so don’t mess with her, oh yeah, and she has very few friends in ROTC, me being one of them. For the most part you will be calling everybody here by their last name, there are few that you can call by their first name like Augie and me but for the rest just go with the last. I think that covers all the high people in the class, you’re gonna have to introduce yourself to everybody else but don’t worry everybody else in this class is pretty friendly except for Augie and the girl that sits next to me so don’t worry about them unless you’re feeling particularly brave one day but you can always sit next to me at our table, I wouldn’t mind anyway. I’ll just keep you away from Courtney. I think that’s it. Any questions?” he just looked at me for a second, blinked and looked straight ahead. He listened to Chief talk about the fundraisers coming up, drill practice, and homework. Then Chief said “Oh yeah, Jenae, take Ethan out in the hallway and teach him the basic movements” I sighed and said “Come on” he got up and followed me out. When we got out in the hallway I showed him all the basic movements and as I was leading him back to the room he found his voice and said “I have one question” so I turned to look at him smiling and said “Which is?”
    “Do you have an IMVU avatar by the name ‘BelladonnaEmber’?” I froze up. I wasn’t sure what to say so I just turned the question around “What makes you think I do?”
    “I was just talking to this girl and the way you talk sounds a lot like hers”
    “What do you mean the way I talk sounds like hers?”
    “In word choice and reaction time…and I don’t know, I just get the same feeling from you that I do when I talked to her”
    “That doesn’t make much sense but ok”
    “If it didn’t make sense then how come you suddenly got nervous? That is you isn’t it?”
    “I’m nervous because we need to get back to class so I can get to my anatomy class on time”
    “Well than you can show me where it is because that’s what I have next too”
    “Are you stalking me?” as soon as those words came out I wished they hadn’t, I didn’t bother to wait for an answer I just opened the classroom door and went to Chief “Is there anything else I need to teach him or talk to him about?”
    “Have you discussed uniforms, 341’s, and how our ranks work?” I groaned “Now you know what else you have to do. Oh and tell him about the Facebook page. Do you like him so far?”
    “What do you mean?”
    “Do you think he’ll be a problem like you?”-he said in a joking tone- “Oh yeah, be sure to bring him to lunch with you so that he can meet Andraschko better and watch other classes too”.
    “I am not a problem, and he hasn’t said much so I couldn’t tell you how he is. If he stays quiet like this all the time though he’ll either be a silent rebel or be nothing at all”.
    After ROTC I hurried out of the class on ran off to anatomy. When I got into my seat I suddenly felt safer because I had my guys there, I knew Buice would get in 2 minutes after the bell and Will would get in just at the bell. Ethan sat diagonally behind me and I didn’t mind because Buice would be next to him. Just as I predicted Will and Buice came in at their normal times. When Will walked in and started to walk towards his seat he looked at me puzzled and I just shook my head. He put his stuff down on the counter and asked me “Who is that?” “Rude. Why don’t you ask him yourself?” he rolled his eyes and turned around “Who are you?” Ethan looked up from whatever was in his lap and said “I’m Ethan Tran”
    “Where are you from?”
    Ethan snickered “England” I just shook my head. Then Buice walked in looking even more confused than Will, the only difference was that Buice asked Ethan himself. Buice looked at him curiously and asked “Who are you?” I almost laughed and said “Aren’t they so polite Ethan?” then Buice looked at me “You know him?”
    “Not particularly. I just know that we share zoology, ROTC, and this class so far and he doesn’t talk much either.”
    “Bet you he does you just scare him with your ugliness”
    “Oh shut up Buice come up with something better if you’re gonna insult me”
    “I can’t”
    “Why not? Are you high or drunk again?” I saw Ethan’s eyes widen a bit
    “No I’m just tired b***h”
    “Weak. You’re the one that’s gonna scare him” then I turned to Ethan “I’ll give you a synopsis on what they’ll probably talk about: fighting, guns, girls, and working out. That’s what most of their conversations consist of” Will flicked my thigh and I punched his shoulder. Finishing my statement to Ethan I said “Good luck sitting next to Buice” he got this worried look on his face
    “Because you’ll never know what comes out of his mouth” I said with a chuckle then turned back around to get some work done on my anatomy sheet.
    After a while I turned around to ask him for his schedule to find out if there were any other classes that he would harass me instead he was asleep. I gave up on that to talk and work with Will and Buice for the rest of the period.