• "Come with me and you won't get hurt."

    Gun to the side of my face, my being strangled with fear. There was nobody to come and save me from the death I could see coming like a distant vision. A shallow voice pierced my ears and stole my family from me. And I? I was left in a room with hope that had long ago been torn away.

    What had I done to deserve the fate I had been recieving? I began recalling the events before this. One by one, they came back to me. One by one, each memory was sprinkled into my mind. Now was the time for me to face the events I had never wanted to face. I glared over at the window, my mind engulfed in thought.

    "It's time for school!"

    A regular day. School was nothing to fear, I had my friends and got decent grades. I didn't have too many enemies, and the enemies I did have tried to intimidate me but didn't get that far. A seventeen year old would walk up to me once in a while and threaten me, so I'd just run away. But I would never expect him to do much. He was like an older brother who was a bit dangerous and seemed like he was you a lot more than a regular big brother would - not a killer, although he had attempted to kill a few. He didn't seem to like me too much. My friends all warned me to stay away.

    "Hey kid. Come with me." He'd say, looking at me with those devilish eyes. He'd have his hand on my wrist, and I'd swipe my wrist away and run. He'd often chase, sometimes he'd grab me from behind and kick me or punch me but he never did anything very serious. I always wondered why he did it. I knew why he wanted me to come with him - it made me shudder. There were times where he'd try and break into the house after I was safe in my home. The police often came. Sometimes they would arrest him for a night or a week. They never caught on.

    One day I did come with him - against my will, of course. He locked me in a room for a few days with nothing. He eventually came and sat with me, telling me he forgot about me and he'd just have to make it up to me. After he did so he let me free and told me not to tell anyone about what he did.

    He continued to tease me and told me if I ever messed with him again he'd 'mess with me' again. I was so consumed with fear that I told my parents and we moved away. Of course, that only made things worse.

    I missed my friends, I had some psycho after me...and I eventually learned I would have a child because of him, and we were 4 years apart.

    That psycho came after me and was even more angry when he saw the child. He bruised the kid severely and threw me against a wall, then left. .

    I continued to stay with my parents and go to school. I had no choice. I was scared everyday that he'd come for me. The day I brought the child to school, when I turned sixteen, was the day he kidnapped the kid and I hadn't seen her for years.. I was mortified. I quit school the same year and went into hiding.

    Eventually he brought the child back and the child ran to me crying. The man just laughed at the kid and tried to hurt us more. We ran. Running was the stupidest thing we had ever done - he caught up quickly and not only killed the child but almost killed me. He left me in the rain.

    And now, 6 years later, he still isn't finished with what he's done.

    And I suppose I'm not either.