• "Get to the damn boat! If you want to live dammit listen to me!"
    He grabbed onto his friend's collar, grabbing his holster as he pulled out a 9mm. He jerked his friend to the pier as he told him to run, the small man turned around and grabbed onto a hand of a female as he dragged her to the boat, two other people followed them to the boat as they jumped in it. The man with the gun started to fire off round after round. Firing with precision and fear.
    "C'mon you undead freaks! COME GET SOME!" His shots blasted through their skulls, splattering their brains all over the pavement. He turned around to run to the boat as the Zombies caught up with him, grabbing him by the arm, it's jaws clamped down onto his forearm, tearing his skin stretching it an inch off his body, ripping it off. The man fired a shot into it's head to kill it. He looked at his dear friends as he smiled softly.
    "Get to safety." He puts his firearm into his mouth as he heard the screams of his friends, pulling the trigger as his body dropped to the floor. He knew that if he went with them he was going to kill them all in the ocean, without hesitation his friends rode the boat off to the ocean as they bursted into tears. Crying they mourned for the loss of their brave friend. The water ripped around them as zombie's started to grab the boat, shaking it.
    "Kick them off!" Yelled one of the females in the group as she started to kick their skulls in with the ball of her foot. The zombie's did not let up, they grabbed the girl's foot as they dragged her into the water. She screamed as her mouth filled up with water. Drowning the zombie's started to attack her throat and neck, tearing her skin apart as they pushed her head into the water to flush out her screams. The group had to keep going, they sped up the boat as they shook in fear. They reached an island, looking around as the group of four looked around.
    "Is this the evac site? It looks...abandoned, like nobody was here..where is everything?" The older man looked around as he took charge of the group, he shot his finger upward pointing at a warehouse.
    "Let's look in there for a weapon or radio..." The man ran towards the doors as he pulled on the handles, they were locked. He instructed the group to look around for something to break the door in. They searched around the premises as they heard a large screech... They saw a man stand on a hill over the horizon. He started to run down their as his arms started to jerk back and forth. This mouth covered in blood as it was gushed out with each step he took. Everyone in the group's heart sank into their stomachs as they screamed trying to bust the door down, they eventually get the door to open as they tried to close it back up before the grotesque thing attempted to get in. They grab a broom as they slammed it into the handle of the doors. The old man backed up as he sighed, while he backed up he felt something touch his shoulder as he turned around slowly, fear was the only thing he felt as it bit into his skull tearing his skin apart. The two that were left were horrified as they tried to run back outside, not remembering that there was another zombie waiting at the door trying to get in. They opened the door as the zombie pulled the girl away from the guy as he tried to grab her hand, he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder as the zombie grabbed his torso pulling him backwards as his hand held onto the girls. She felt the sting of the zombie's teeth as it bit her ear off tearing out the cartilage, she screamed as they were pulled away from each other to be the zombie's dinner. Their blood covered the floor as hours later another group saw the blood and intestine trails, they soon were taken over by the zombie's opposing force.