• Chapter9

    Martha places a mug under the coffee pot in the kitchen and turns it on. It begins to brew the coffee. Andrea is in the kitchen with her, opens the fridge and grabs a bottle of water. She leans against the counter next to the sink and takes a sip, and looks at the clock. It read midnight.

    "I'm usually tired at this time." Andrea said, trying to break the silence. Martha opens the cabinet and takes three packages of sugar and opens them.

    "Yeah, me too, only reason why I'm drinking coffee." Martha said, pouring the sugar in her coffee. She then grabs a small spoon and gently stirs it, and takes a small sip. Andrew walks in the kitchen and stops in his steps.

    "Am I...interrupting?" He asked, taking a step back.

    Martha shakes her head, "No you're okay." She gave off a smile. Andrew walks in the kitchen and stands next to Andrea.

    "How are you holding up?" He asked Andrea, placing his palms on the counter to get in a comfortable stance.

    "I'm alright," Andrea said, taking another sip of her water, "It's just tough...seeing her like that." She takes out her half pony-tail and lets her hair drop and wraps her scrunchy around her wrist. Andrew nods, then looks at Martha.

    "I wonder how all of the other exorcisms ended..." Andrew asked, hoping someone would have the answer.

    "Father Sinclair said that he only witnessed very very few, probably about two or so," Martha said. She pauses to take another sip of her coffee then adds on, "He told me that they didn't end too well."

    "Did he tell you why?" Andrew asked. Martha shakes her head, and places her cup of coffee on the counter.

    "No...he said he's surprised that we still have a fighting chance." Martha said, as the words made a chill run up her spine again.

    "At least there's hope," Andrew said, "The guys back at my job would never believe this...it's nothing like I've ever seen, and I've seen some pretty creepy things as a ghost hunter."

    "Right now, all I care about is Stephanie making it out of this alive," Andrea said, "I don't know what I would do without her...she's like the sister I never had." Growing up, Andrea was an only child and longed for a sibling, but unfortunatley, it didn't happen. Once Stephanie came into her life, she's been treating Stephanie like she was her older sister, Andrea saw that as a gift.

    "She's all I have left now..." Martha said, "I can't lose her...I simply refuse to."
    The question 'What would you do if you did?' crossed Andrew's mind, but he didn't dare ask her; after just losing Peter. After the experience he had with Peter, he had learned when to say something and when not to say anything.

    "She's doing good so far...she'll be okay." Andrew said, instead. Martha looked at Andrew and gave him a smile; it made her feel better.

    Father Sinclair enters the kitchen after setting everything up in the living room.
    "I just got done purifying the holy water...we should be ready if anything were to happen." He said, "Always remember to remain positive, because once we let our guard down...we could possibly regret it."

    Martha knew that the statement he made was more directed towards her. If Martha had given up once, or even thought about, she knew it would tear her apart inside. She couldn't let what was happening get the best of her until it was all over. It ran in the family; they were all fighters. Now that Peter was gone, she would have to do what he would do in situations like these; never give up no matter what.

    "You're a very strong woman, Martha..." Father Sinclair said. Martha looks at him and he added, "Peter would be proud."

    Martha smiles and nods her head. "Thank you."

    A short pause fills the room.

    "Can you guys...excuse me just for one minute?" Martha asked.

    "Of course." Father Sinclair said. Martha stands there for a minute then leaves the kitchen, They hear the backdoor open; she was going to see Peter.

    Outside, Martha approaches where Peter is buried. She stares at the stick they had stuck into the ground near him, so they knew where he was buried. Martha then kneels down next to where he was buried.

    "Peter..." She began, "I know I have always relied on your strength for the family...I relied on you for pretty much anything..." She felt her eyes begin to water a little bit, "It's so hard...I now know how you felt when you had to stay strong for me and Stephanie when Brandon passed away...but now I'm forced to be strong for myself and Stephanie too..." She felt tears roll down her cheeks. She pauses for a minute to wipe them off her face.

    "I'm going to make you proud...even though you never doubted me, I promise I won't let the monster take our little angel away...just please watch over us and protect us as we go through this ordeal..." Martha tries fighting back tears as more roll down her cheeks and drop to the dirt. She wipes them off her face again and takes deep breathes, trying to collect herself.

    "I remember you told me...life is never an easy thing, but it should never be a sad thing either...Peter, I will carry that with me until the day I die...I feel stronger now, I'm not scared of anything anymore...you had taught me that...Just know that I love you...and I will get Stephanie through this...even if I have to face the Devil myself." The tears had stopped as Martha collected herself, and stayed calm. She then closes her eyes and bows her head down, and begins to pray.

    Inside the house, Andrew and Andrea are looking at family photos that are hanging in the family room. Andrea was in some of the photos too, which made her feel like family. That had always made her feel warm inside. Father Sinclair was gathering his bible and holy water, on the coffee table in the same room. He had also put a crucifix right on top of the bible and looked up at Andrew and Andrea.

    Martha walks in the house and everyone looks at her as she walks in. They could tell that she had been crying a bit. Andrea walks up to Martha and hugs her, as Martha hugs her back real tight.

    "It's going to be okay." Andrea reassured.

    A long pause passes and suddenly all of the lights in the house blow out, which startles them all.

    "Whoa, what happened?" Andrew asked, looking around.

    "What the hell was that?" Andrea cried, grabbing onto Martha's arm.

    "Okay, everyone calm down, calm down," Father Sinclair said, "Let's just keep calm and find a switch."

    The blackout was so badly that no one could even see an inch in front of them.

    "How are we supposed to find the switch if I can't feel anything?" Andrew asked, reaching his arms out, trying to find a wall to lean on so he doesn't trip over anything. Martha starts feeling the walls with both hands, trying to find the switch,

    "Martha...!" Andrea cried, almost freaking out.

    "Andrea, it's going to be okay, just grab a good grip on my arm, you're going to be okay." Martha reassured.

    After a few moments, Andrew finds the wall and his hands land on the light switch. He tries turning the lights on but nothing worked.

    "Damn it! The lights aren't working!" Andrew yelled, getting a bit frustrated.

    "There's a flashlight in the kitchen," Martha said, "I'll try and find it." Martha then reaches her arm out, as Andrea is following her, holding onto her arm. Since Martha lived in the house for a while, she was able to slowly make her way to the kitchen, feeling the walls so she made sure she knew where she was. She makes her way to the kitchen and places her hand on the counter tops, trying to find the right drawer to where the flashlight is.

    Suddenly, everyone hears a loud roar from a distance, coming from the other side of the house.

    "Oh my God, what was that?" Andrea said, very scared.

    "Andrea, please calm down, it's okay, just be quiet." Martha said, trying her best to calm Andrea down. The roar is heard again, and it sounded like it was getting closer.

    In the family room, Andrew is trying to find the windows to open the curtains, so he can open them and get some kind of natural light in the house. Father Sinclair then starts mumbling prayers. Andrew finds the curtains and opens them. He is able to see the walls, but barley. He sees Father Sinclair in the corner of the family room.

    "Father Sinclair..." Andrew called out quietly. They suddenly hear the roar again. Andrew jumps and looks around.

    "Andrew, stay close!" Father Sinclair said. Andrew doesnt hesitate as he makes his way toward Father Sinclair, carefully. The roar wasn't coming from upstairs so it couldn't have been Stephanie being possessed again. Andrew makes his way to Father Sinclair and looks around again.

    "Martha? Andrea? Are you guys okay?" Andrew called out. They didn't hear a response.

    "Andrew, it's best to stay quiet..." Father Sinclair said.

    "Why?" Andrew asked, "I need to make sure they're okay."

    Father Sinclair stays quiet for a minute then says, "Something isn't right..." He said softly.

    "What do you mean?" Andrew asked.

    In the kitchen, Martha finally finds the drawer with the flashlight. She opens it and grabs the flashlight and takes it out. She turns it on, but it won't turn on.

    "Damn..." Martha said, smacking the flashlight trying to turn it on. It blinks and then it turns on.

    The flashlight then suddenly shines on a figure which made Martha and Andrea's heart almost stop. They saw an eight foot tall man figure, staring at the wall, his neck snapped to the side. Very skinny looking, he wasn't wearing anything and he was bald. Andrea covers her mouth, trying to keep herself from screaming.

    Martha and Andrea slowly start to step back, but the man suddenly turns his neck quickly, in their direction. Martha and Andrea freeze, staring at him. He had no eyes, with very sharp nails and he was upper torso was covered in wounds. He was a demon.

    The demon walks in the kitchen to wear Martha and Andrea are, both of them trying to stay quiet as possible, not taking their eyes off of the demon. The demon looks around, he seemed to be blind. He started to smack the counter tops, and gives off a soft roar. Andrea and Martha slowly step back out of the kitchen. They turn to their side to see Father Sinclair and Andrew at the corner.

    Martha puts her index finger to her lips, telling them to be very quiet. The demon then leaves the other end of the kitchen and Father Sinclair and Andrew see the demon. Both of their eyes widen with fear. The demon looks around, and starts scratching the walls with his very long nails. He suddenly lets out a really big screeching roar.

    Father Sinclair and Andrew slowly make their way toward Martha and Andrea. Martha shines the flashlight on the floor, so they can see where they were walking better, and so they wouldnt trip on anything to make alot of noise. The demon suddenly leaps over to the family room corner where Father Sinclair and Andrew were. The demon starts to sniff the corner, from the floor to the ceiling, he was trying to sense them, and he was.

    Andrew and Father Sinclair get closer to Martha and Andrea, and they meet. Andrea grabs Andrew's hand. As they make their way to the living room, the demon roars and leaps to the living room, landing right in front of the four. Martha quickly turns off the flashlight and they all stare at the demon with fear. Father Sinclair grabs on to his necklace, hoping that the demon would do no harm.

    The demon gets face to face with Martha, not knowing she was there. Martha closes her eyes, trying her best not to scream or freak out. Andrea holds Andrew's hand tighter, scared of her life.

    The demon then gets face to face with Andrea. She stares at the demon very frightened, shaking in her shoes. She covers her mouth trying her best not to scream or make any noise. Even the littlest noise would let the demon know they were there. The demon then gets face to face with Andrew. Andrew stands very still, staring at the demon with great fear. The demon starts to sniff around Andrew, making a moaning sound at the same time. Suddenly the demon roars extremely loud and starts banging on the walls, screeching as a laughing hyena sound is heard at the same time.

    "Go! He knows were here!" Father Sinclair yelled. Everyone then runs to the back door, and Martha tries opening it but it's locked.

    "It's locked!!" Martha screamed.

    "We gotta go!!!" Andrew yelled.

    Everyone runs to the family room, but the demon sprints on the walls and lands in front of them.

    "Other way, go!" Martha yelled.

    Everyone then runs through the kitchen and they go to run upstairs, but the demon lands in front of them as well. The demon suddenly stabs Andrew in the stomach with all of his claws. Andrew yells of pain and his mouth starts pouring blood. The demon hisses and roars even more.

    "No!! Andrew!!" Andrea yelled.

    "Dear God...." Father Sinclair said to himself.

    The demon suddenly leaps, dragging Andrew with him. Andrew yells from pain as the demon makes his way to the basement, making a trail of blood on the floor and walls.

    "Andrew!!" Andrea yelled, running after the demon. The demon has made its way to the basement and the door closes and locks. Father Sinclair and Martha run after her.

    Andrea goes to open the basement door, but Father Sinclair holds her back.

    "Andrea, no! It's too dangerous!" Father Sinclair yelled, Andrea starts to scream and cry, trying to free herself from him.

    "No! Let me go! He needs me!" Andrea called out. Martha then turns on the flashlight, and goes to open the basement door. Once she does, a very loud demon yell is heard from down below. The basement was very dark.

    "Martha, what are you doing?" Father Sinclair called out.

    Martha doesn't answer, instead she makes her way down the steps, hoping to possibly save him.

    "Martha, no!" Father Sinclair yelled out. Andrea sobs, giving up from trying to break free from Father Sinclair's grip.

    "Andrew..." Andrea cried, as tears poured down her eyes.

    Martha runs down to the basement, flashing the light everywhere.

    "Andrew?" She called out, "Where are you?" No reply.

    The basement started to get more colder. Martha looks around everywhere in the basement, still no sign of him. Not even a cry for help, a scream; nothing. Martha shines the light to the far corner of the basement again and suddenly the demon appears, drawing blood on the walls. He was drawing the satanic star in the basement with Andrew's blood. The demon then quickly looks back at her, snapping his neck again.

    Martha locks eyes with the demon for a few seconds, she was frozen with fear. The demon jumps up and begins to jump up and down, on all fours, screeching. Martha's eyes widen; thinking this could've been what attacked Stephanie when she was in the basement. Martha drops the flashlight and turns to run back up the stairs. The basement door slams shut as the demon grabs Martha's leg and pulls it back. Martha screams and slams her head on one of the basement steps.

    She yells of pain, her lip begins to bleed.

    Upstairs, Father Sinclair is trying to open the door, but it won't budge.

    "Hang on, Martha!" Father Sinclair yelled. He hurries to the family room, being cautious of where he was walking because it was still very dark. He enters the family room and grabs his bible and holy water.

    Martha begins to crawl up the steps, slowly, with all of her strength; she was badly hurt. She turns around and sees the demon is walking on all fours, laying on his back. Andrea is crying on the floor, huddling herself, rocking back and forth.

    Father Sinclair approaches the basement door and yells out a prayer, "Saint Michael, the Archangel! Defend us in this day of battle!!"

    The demon roars from pain because the prayer can be heard. The demon starts to crawl toward Martha slowly, but Martha is crawling up the steps, bleeding alot from her lip. Andrea hears banging from the windows and sees shadows of demons and handprints on the windows, as if they were trying to break in. Andrea backs up against the wall, as she hears the demons muttering satanist words.

    "Be our safeguard in the wickedness and the snares of the Devil!" Father Sinclair yelled at the top of his lungs, "May God rebuke him we humbly pray and do thou O Prince of the Heavenly Host!" He sprinkles Holy Water onto the basement door.
    Martha reaches the basement door, kneels up slowly and tries to open it, but it's locked.

    "No!!" Martha screamed trying to bust open the door. Andrea covers her ears and closes her eyes. Suddenly the whole house begins to rumble, as Andrea looks at the windows to see demons trying to force their way into the house. Their long nails screech on the glass, they were purposly scaring her even more, knowing she was watching in horror.

    Martha leans her back against the basement door and sees that the Demon is right in front of her. The demon gets face-to-face with her and the demon growls. Martha's eyes widen.

    "Cast into Hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls!" Father Sinclair yells. In the basement, the demon raises it's hand, it's nails growing longer and sharper.

    "In the name of the Father! The Son! And the Holy Spirit, Be Gone!" Father Sinclair yelled. From inside the basement the demon lets out an extremely loud yell and is pushed back, with a lot of wind blowing from inside the basement. The basement door opens and Father Sinclair quickly pulls Martha out and she falls on the floor, on her back. He shuts and locks the basement door, and everything stops.

    "Martha!" Andrea cried, she crawled over to her and gave her a huge hug. Martha started crying too, hugging her back.

    "Are you okay?" Andrea asked. Martha nods, tears rolling down her cheeks. They both hug for a minute and Martha looks up at Father Sinclair. She quickly gets up and hugs him very tightly.

    "Thankyou so much, Father..." Martha said, still crying. Father Sinclair hugs back very tight. When Peter was being attacked, Father Sinclair tried as much as he could but failed to save him. Knowing that he had saved Martha was a great sigh of relief. That's when he thought that Martha was destined to still be alive to see her daughter make it through this tough time.

    "Martha..." Andrea called out.

    Martha and Father Sinclair look at her.

    "Did you...find Andrew?" She asked. Martha doesn't answer right away; she already knew Andrew was now dead. Martha shakes her head, but Andrea knew that Martha was telling her he didn't make it. Andrea then gets up and starts to break down. Martha starts to cry a little and goes to give Andrea a big hug. Andrea sobs, digging her face onto Martha's shoulder. Father Sinclair watches for a minute, then approaches the basement door and does the sign of the cross for Andrew's death. He hoped that he was in the Lord's hands now.

    "It's okay, Andrea...stay strong." Martha said, hugging her tighter, "It's going to be okay..." The lights then slowly come back on, but they're alot dimmer then before. They all stand next to the basement door, as Andrea continues to mourn over Andrew.