• Target Practice
    This time I was ready, I thought about having a long sharp sword and a shield to go with it and like that I had them. The sword and shield glowing with the red and blue twine, both were frozen cold but at the time burning hot. I ran towards the guard as they countered step by step. Swinging as I may, they blocked most of my hits.
    “It’s no use Angelo they’re too powerful for me.”
    Angelo began glowing, like Warne did when he casted the numbing spell but this was different, instead of a bright white, it was more of a dimmed light then things began moving slower.
    “I’ve slowed down time for you Xavier, now finish them off.”
    I turn towards the guards and began to swing at them. Swiftly and carefully cutting through their bodies, causing them to explode into balls of light that were being spread across the hallway.
    “What are those?” I asked Angelo.
    “Those are magical essences; the colour given off varies from element.”
    “How long will this spell last for?”
    “Not long but if we leave now we should get some distance.”
    I nodded and proceeded forward through the hallway slicing through the odd guard along the way. Then things began returning to normal speed, I heard Angelo Yell from behind me. I turn to see him being held by his neck by a guard, he turn his head towards me and began to mumble something. Before I could get a chance to move his eyes began to glow then a cloud of smoke and he was gone. An anger formed inside me and I lounged towards the guard striking him through his spine and pulled out through the top of his head. The pain began again in my head, trying to keep focus I drop to my knees. I opened my eyes to see my body had a dimmed light twine to it.
    “Well mate this isn’t exactly how I expected to have died but at least I get to be of some service.”
    “Angelo!? Show yourself!”
    “Don’t be silly, I am amongst the non living now as only my soul is transferred into yours.”
    “What are you talking about, you’re inside of me?”
    “No silly, I’m inside your head that’s all.”
    “I transferred my soul to you as I died to live on as a pigment in your head granting you access to my power.”
    “So you mean I can slow down time?”
    “For a matter of seconds, but when time is slowed down, the seconds become longer.”
    “Anything else?”
    “Well you can slow down time, but you can also use it on objects and slow them down or reverse effect and speed things up.”
    “I guess that’s useful.”
    “Believe me it is, now continue on you companion won’t be your companion for long if you don’t.”
    “Why not?”
    “Because, Zeathros is a grand punishment spaceship, built to withstand practically anything.”
    “Alright then, lets head out and find Warne before it’s too late.”
    “Now that’s the spirit mate. Onward we go!”