• Lonium dashed under the the door through the crack.Everyone followed.Lonium peeked around a corner and dashed into a elevevator going up.To floor 8.It was a hotel.And its rat invested."Careful of the rats yall' should be.mighty dangerous.sneaky and slick," grandpa says.
    Mice and Rats are different.He dashed into the room.There was the mouse hole billy mouse set up.billy mouse was fathers best friend.SNAP!Lonium tugged at his tail.cheese and lounge stared at the mouse trap he was caught in.father stared, but not at lonium.at three rats coming from the mouse hole."whoops," mother said."the mouse hole is in room 34, not 33."
    the rats smiled.they circled lonium.lounge was now tugging at loniums tail, and so was cheese.the door opened."Your a goner!," a rat screeched at dashed into the mouse hole.