• I was sitting there with my friends on the field. I was watching the clouds in the sky when i heard a slam.
    Leaning up i saw the football team coming on the field for practice.
    At that point we decided to move to the bleachers.

    Annoyed with my friends i decided to sit off to the side by myself.
    Putting in my headphones, I turned the volume on my iPod all the way up and looked down.
    Going in to my own little word i started to softly sing the song playing and closed.

    Thats when it hit me. Square in the temple. The football kicked by that a*****e quarterback, Brandon, to get my attention.

    To bad it hit me right?

    I passed out.

    Everything was dark, black, but i could still hear my music.

    I shook my head a few times and came to looking into the eyes of a boy that i've never seen before.

    His eyes bright green, hair dark drown and skin so pale it seemed like snow.

    "Are..... Are you okay hun?", He asked me.
    "I..... Think so. My heads a little sore. What happened?", I responded.

    He went on to explain that he was sitting on the bleachers behind me a few rows up taking pictures of the team for the newspaper and he had heard me singing.
    He moved a few rows down to listen when Brandon noticed me like he apparently always does (unbenounced to me).

    The same moment Brandon noticed me he noticed Ely (as i've come to know my savor as), and decided to get Ely as far away from me as he could.

    Thats why he kicked the ball.

    Only Brandon isnt a field kicker, he's a quarterback which means he can't kick for s**t.

    The ball missed Ely and hit me.

    I passed out for a few seconds and in the time Ely threw the ball at Brandon and rushed down to me.

    "I'm...... I'm sure i'll be okay let me just", I told him as i went to sit up suddenly getting dizzy and passing out again.

    I woke up 2 hours later in the nurses office, Ely sitting in a chair next to me sleeping.

    "Ely? Hello?", I said softly, shaking him.
    "Ergh..... What... Huh..... Oh. Oh hey hun are you feeling better?", He said softly his hand moving to touch my cheek.
    I blushed gently."Yes I'm okay. Dont worry. What time is it?"
    "It's 5 hun you've been here since 3."
    "Oh my god, I need to get home!"
    "Calm down," he said softly "it'll all be okay. I'll give you a ride home."
    "No no no i'll walk"
    "Um but...... Im not comfortable with you walking i don't want you walking."
    "Theres something you're not telling me."
    "I..... Brandon is looking for you. He wants to ask you on a date and I'm trying to stop that from happening."
    "Why? There has to be a reason", I told him suddenly suspicious.
    "Olivia, I've been every class of yours since the 5th grade. I don't know anyother way to say this. I love you. You may have never noticed me but i've noticed every little thing you've done since the fifth grade and it will never change. I'm very sorry and I didn't ever think i'd get the chance to tell you this to your face."
    And that's when i kissed him.