• Outbreak

    It all started of June 15, 2015. The fist case of the disease that destroyed the world. Zombies started to grow rampant in the next few days, because people didn't know what to do! Who could blame them though? Certainly not me I'm only alive because I ran faster than everyone else.
    My name is Christopher Allen, and I've been surviving for only a week, but this week has been hell. You can't make much of a noise louder than shouting or they hear you, but I suppose I don't have to worry about that being alone.
    I'm in a suburban house in Alabama I think the town's name was Eufaula, but I'm running out of food and there are a lot of zombies out there. Tonight I'm going to have to find a new location. If someone finds this I'm going to be heading to the Baptist church by downtown. It's the big white one you can't miss it.

    This is Chris Allen signing off.