• Prologue:
    I reached for Glen’s hand, his fingers flexed in recognition when my fingertips brushed the top of his hand.
    "I'm sorry." his words flipped in my head, horrible pain following his last word, and a feeling of a black hole in my chest, swallowing my body.
    Suddenly disorder faces crowded our once private scene, but now, his face took me in.
    A smile spread across his tight lips, kissable lips.
    Dimples formed on his cheeks, his ivory green eyes squinted in happiness.
    His normally brown straight hair was fixed in curls all over his head.
    I caught sight of him, his eyes dull, unrecognizable.
    He pulled on my hand which had seemed to be there forever, and with a tug his body found mine, we enclosed our bodies together.
    His lips pressed against mine, forceful.
    And for once, I didn't want his kiss.
    His eyes seemed to recognize the look, and his hands were no longer at my waist, beckoning with my jeans.
    His hands formed a dangerous hold on my neck.
    I could feel the scream that threatened to plow up my throat react, but the faces had become distorted and filled me with fear beyond any hatred I had.
    The ground that supported me disappeared like quick sand and like a bullet I fell toward whatever was beneath me.
    My brown hair swung in my face, a dark hole formed from where I fell, Glens hand reached out for me, a plead on his lips.
    But then I was in someone else’s arms.
    Strong, muscular arms.
    They wrapped around me, filling my body with a sense of peace my body recognized before my brain did.
    I dragged my head up, like I was drunk.
    But I knew something was wrong when I felt butterfly's at a boy I had never met.
    His green eyes were the same as Gales, but instead of brown straight hair his was black and they ran down his head in choppy layers.
    His worried face filled my head with thoughts, even though I never understood the feeling I had at that time.
    I felt this boy pull me to him, his faced worried, but his eyes wanting, needing to lean in and-
    But I couldn't stop myself.
    My body was in control, and it wanted this kiss almost like it needed water and food and excise to be healthy.
    His lips touched mine, a feeling of needing passion filled me, but was gone in seconds when he tore himself up, and flipped me behind his back.
    I watched the thing he had reacted to and slid into a coma.
    A wolf, no not a wolf.
    My body told me werewolf.
    Impossible, yet so real.
    The things eyes found mine, and a painted cry escaped from its lips, and suddenly my mind recognized the thing as Gale.
    I didn't question it though.
    There was no boy in front of me now, for it had been replaced by another werewolf, black as the night.
    It growled at the brown wolf in the undergrowth.
    The 'gale' wolf reacted and joined in on the intense growling, and suddenly they lunged.
    My heart stopped then, finally the blood splattered scream traveled up my throat and out into the midnight air, the stars reeling as I fell into th
    e starles
    s sky of
    my mind.