• I woke up out of my bed as I was listening to the birds sing. I opened up the curtains as the sunlight brightened the room, I quickly picked a dress from the wardrobe, brushed my hair and went downstairs. I noticed that there was a note placed on the kitchen table, I walked towards the kitchen table and picked up the note. It was written very neatly and clear. It said, 'Dear Iris, I am sorry that I cannot have breakfast with you today, my Boss had call me for work unexpectedly. I won't be home today till 9 PM. I have left you your breakfast in the fridge, I've also placed some recipes beside the vase with the purple lavenders. If you're ever hungry, just read the recipes and have a try cooking yourself. See you later, hun.' After I had finished reading, I placed the note back on the kitchen table and walked towards the purple lavenders. I picked up the recipes and placed them into my pocket. I walked towards the fridge and opened it. Pancakes, yummy. I placed the pancakes into the microwave and waited. While I was waiting, I heard a scream outside. I decided to go out and take a look.

    This was terrible, in fact, this was so NOT NORMAL!
    A weird-looking man, white hair with red tips over his hair, a black long cloak which was designed with very expensive materials. This man was not normal, he threw some kind of dark..crystal-lic looking things? But this was bad! These things were destroying people's homes! Hurting people and worse than that, this was destroying the whole town!

    What will happen to the town? Will someone come save the town? Or will the town be destroyed?
    FIND OUT NEXT TIME! biggrin