• Gunners #23 A New Person
    The Ten Evil Blade

    Oh my god!



    Sorza: ah… d.. damn!

    Damn… ******** ********!

    I can’t get up…. That explosion… that blast… it affected my legs…

    Sorry Aja… but… I lost….


    Shino: Akai….

    Why did you leave me…?

    Well I guess the tournament will be delayed for today! But next battle will be the HellsBound Crisis Gang vs the ecchi fan club!

    Rev: ********! SERIOUSLY MAN?!


    Ripe: no, I’ll go help her.

    Rev: hey woah woah, its better that-

    Ripe: your not part of our team, ******** off…

    Rev: hey why you-

    Ritz: its no use, alright Ripe do whatever… just make sure you make her get back on her two feet again. because if you don’t. you might regret it…

    Ripe: I know…

    After the tournament everyone headed back to high school. but-

    Yamota: Hakuru you really wanna wear that male uniform?

    Hakuru: guys are hitting on me everywhere. I gotta hide my appearance, and my hairs getting longer, I’m cutting it after school… besides as long as I got my old cap on. and this boys uniform they won’t recognise me.

    Yamota: wait you still got tits showing.

    Hakuru: I’m wearing a bra idiot!

    Yamota: just saying!

    Rev starts walking pass by.

    Yamota: oh hey Rev you missed out the party yesterday!

    Rev: ….

    Hakuru: …?

    Yamota: Rev?

    I wonder what was that about…

    Hakuru: ….

    Hakuru! Let me out now! Let me out now!!!

    Hakuru: ah!

    Yamota: Hakuru whats wrong?

    Hakuru: nothing….

    Its nothing.

    Hinkyo…. Damn, its been too long.

    Just hang in there damn it…

    Yamota: ah Hakuru!

    Hakuru: hm?

    Yamota: wanna go play some songs?

    Hakuru: songs? Oh the band! s**t I forgot!

    They went in their club as Hakuru picked up her eletric guitar and so did Yamota.

    Lets go!


    Hakuru: rain rain rain rain! Oh yeah!

    Shoot shoot shoot shoot!

    Oh yeah!


    Yamota: this is the way!

    Hakuru: this is the way!

    Yamota: I’ll be dancin for you!!

    Hakuru: yeah!

    This is the way!

    This is the way!

    OH YEAH!!


    Sukya: hey guys! You guys are playing rock?

    Hakuru: yeah, just some rock music, we’ll be playing metal later on though.

    Sukya: I see, is that a new song you guys came up?

    Hakuru: yeah.

    Yamota: so whats happening?

    Sukya: well you know that Falcon Squadron we’ve fought against two years ago?

    Hakuru: yeah why?

    Sukya: they were in the Gunners tournament and…

    They lost.

    Hakuru: lost? They couldn’t lose like that

    Sukya: they just did… and Rev hasn’t even spoken a word.

    Yamota: so that’s why shes been down lately.

    Hakuru: was it the Ten Evil Blades?

    Sukya: yeah… unfortunately it was.

    Hakuru: those guys….

    Sukya: so what now Hakuru?

    Hakuru: we’ll just have to keep fighting other teams in this tournament. Until then we’ll probably face off The Ten Evil Blades. Maybe in the finals….

    Oh well….


    Kanome: hey Hakuru!

    Hakuru: yo?

    Kanome: theres a new student here today!

    Hakuru: a new student?

    Outside there was a man with a beautiful face, like a prince, he had fangs like and carried a mysterious aura. His name is-

    Oh my name is Jake Hunts. Nice to meet ya.



    Hakuru: the ******** did you say?!

    Kanome: yeah! He looks pretty hot! And his kinda like a ladies man!

    Hakuru: s**t not good!

    Yamota: well guess like Hakuru’s getting use to the human world huh?

    Hakuru: this is not good man!

    Sukya: oh come on its just a guy.

    Hakuru: as long as I hide myself, there won’t be any a** wipe that can get near me. I just need to hide that’s all.

    Yamota: aw whats wrong? Your tits are full of desires!

    Hakuru: you a**! You want me to shove a bullet crusader up your butt hole?!

    Yamota: I’ll pass.

    Hakuru: well I’m getting use to this boy uniform outfit thing. I might wear it for the rest of the year.

    Yamota: you are?

    Hakuru: yeah.

    Yamota: hm? Someones coming in.

    V: hey guys.

    Hakuru: hey.

    V: I brought some beer.

    Hakuru: great.

    Asuka: brought mcdonalds…

    Hakuru: you still work there?

    Asuka: yeah.

    Hiyane: I also brought in a mini tv!

    Yamota: cool lets watch!

    They plugged in the tv and watched the news.



    YES IT IS!

    Hakuru: what the? No tournament thing?

    Yamota: odd….

    Hakuru: guess like Gunners hasn’t even released their secrets huh?

    Their still hiding. Yet their still hunting us.

    Yamota: yeah looksl ike we’re in deep s**t again.

    Hakuru: and notj ust that, we got Hell chasing after my a**. And even you guys.

    And also…

    The Ten Evil Blades. But that will wait until we fight them.

    Hakuru: I wonder what would The Demon Knight would do. Or The Demon Samurai.

    Yamota: …..

    Your not my daughter anymore…

    Yamota: tch!


    Yamota: well as long as we fight together, we’re invincible!

    Hakuru: right!

    Yukina: good morning.

    Hakuru: morning Yukina-san.

    Yukina: heard a new guy coming in today.

    Hakuru: yeah, I just hope I’m not the one whos going to escort him around the ********-

    Jake: YO!

    Yamota: shouldn’t of spoken too fast huh Hakuru?

    Hakuru: (s**t…)

    Principle: hello Hakuru. Aw I never knew you wore a boys uniform! Well anyways, can you escort him around the school, that would be great for Jake Hunts!

    Hakuru: ah son of a-

    (she actually did ******** escort him around)

    Hakuru: alright this is the field. Few years ago it was pretty damn big, but since The Dark Gothic Judgment Order came, it went smaller, so it will probably take a couple of weeks to let it grow.

    Jake: I see…. And who defeated The Dark Gothic Judgment Order…?

    Hakuru: well that was…..

    Jake: you?

    Hakuru: huh?

    What the ******** are you talking about Jake?

    Jake: oh I know, you’re the legendary “Death” the women who is a clone, who possesses magnificent power.

    Hakuru: shut your mouth…. a*****e.

    Jake: my what a foul mouth you have, maybe someone will teach you a lesson. Well I’m not the kind of guy to do that anyway.

    Hakuru: alright fine you got me… what do you want from me Jake? Fight me or what? Let me guess are you from The Light Gunners to take me out?

    Jake: no I’m not either of them.

    I really can’t tell you yet. Not here though.

    Hakuru: well whatever you are, what are you doing here anyway?

    Jake: live among humans why?

    Hakuru: live among… wait are you another race?

    Jake: oops I shouldn’t of said “humans” well shall we keep going…?

    Jake holds Hakuru’s hand and kisses it.

    Hakuru: ah…

    She blushs.

    Hakuru: stop that… Jake. Seriously.

    Jake: aw?

    Hey your face is red!

    Hakuru: no its not!

    Jake: oh is this first love m’lady…?

    Hakuru: !!!





    Hakruu: damn….

    Jake: I still can’t believe one of us hasn’t even lost our breath.

    Hakuru: that’s because your hard to get away with. Well anyways. Where you from?

    Jake: nowhere really.

    Hakuru: nowhere huh?

    Jake: you actually believe me?

    Hakuru: who else would believe you?

    I’m pretty much the same as you.

    I’m… from no where.

    Jake: tell me your story. i on;y heard rumours.

    Hakuru: it’s a long story. I really don’t think you’ll get interested into it.

    Jake: hey better than a thick book.

    Hakuru: okay…

    It all starts from the beginning.

    I was about nine years old, and yet I was still growing at a rapid rate.

    But that was before I knew what I was. Who I was. And why I was born.

    I had an older sister named Sukya Sakura. She was also a clone. The Sukya we have here. is the real Sukya.

    There was a women as well, I looked up to her as my mother named Rukina Sakura. And a guy who I looked up to as a father named Tamoka Minato.

    All of them died in one man came, who I always claim vengence on. I won’t tell you his name anyway since you already know.

    Jake: oh I do? Is it… Alucard?

    Hakuru: you b*****d…

    Jake: what can I say? I’m just too good.

    Hakuru: well anyways.

    After they died. I got captured by the BWF. The BioWeoponry Facilities.

    I stayed there for nine whole years. I manage to escape though.

    I killed everyone in the facilties. Doctors. Scientists. Guards. Soldiers. Everyone.

    But still not even one clone there though.

    I still escaped though, to Tokyo.

    That’s when I met Yamota Yamaha. The girl who I looked up to as my best friend. Without Yamota, we wouldn’t have gotten this far.

    Although that didn’t stop the BWF.

    They kept on coming. Chasing after me.

    I thought I was dead until then. I unleashed Hinkyo Mythril. The only demon who I still kept for four years.

    But Hinkyo is still yelling her a** off. I need to switch bodies with her soon. Maybe just a little awhile. I’ll do that till we get to the next match.


    After that. We met Kanome Fukiyama, The Witch Rifle. She had powerful magic. I was really impressed really. Since she joined the group with us and became friends, we went to Mt Fuji.

    That’s when we met Sukya Sakura. Who I thought she was alive. But actually. It was just the real Sukya.

    But Sukya had knowledge of the people called “Gunners” and The Demon Knight and the ranks she told us.

    Hakuru: then again and again I fought the man who killed my parents. And yet I still lose.

    We started meeting with Yukina.

    After we graduated. We began traveling around the world to find a purpose.

    Hakuru: it’s a really long freaking story.

    Jake: well. It was an interesting story. what about that Saya girl?

    Hakuru: I freed her by my own stupidity.

    Jake: what Saya made you do it?

    Hakuru: yeah… we all the remaining energy I had left in me.

    Jake: heh. That was nice of you.

    Hakuru: ….

    Jake: so what will you be doing now?

    Hakuru: stop the Ten Evil Blades from piercing the Earth. If that’s what they’re plan is.

    Jake: I see.


    Hakuru: damn Hinkyo Myhtril!

    Jake: good. Very good. Its going nicely I see…

    Hakuru: you… what did you do?!

    Jake: when I first kissed your hand, I triggured a electric shock in Hinkyo.

    I’m going to make sure that Hinkyo bursts out of your body and destroy the whole place.

    Hakuru: ah…. Heh… you think you know Hinkyo more than I do?

    Jake: no, but she’ll surely destroy everything.

    Hakuru: as if I’ll let her….

    Hakuru took out her katana.


    Jake: hmph.

    Jake grabbed the katana.

    Hakuru: huh?!

    Jake then breaked it into pieces.

    Hakuru: m… my blade!

    Jake: hmph.

    Jake kicked her in the stomache and made her flew off.

    Hakuru: AHH!!!!

    Jake: so much for your human wepon.


    Hakuru opened the handle and took out her combat knife.

    Hakuru: guess I’ll have to use this!

    Jake: oh… a combat knife huh?

    Hakuru: made from pure katana steel!

    Jake: I see.

    Oh well.

    I can’t wait to finish you off.

    Hakuru: what are you anyway?

    Jake: I’m a vampire.

    Hakuru: a vampire?

    Jake: what you think vampires can’t go in sun light? Well that’s true, but I’m more different than that…

    Well I can’t wait to suck every mico litre from you.

    That blood of yours…. I want it. Your power….

    Then after that. I’m to go and suck all of your friends powers! And become the ultimate vampire!

    Hakuru: ….

    I’ll kill everyone here, then I’ll go home and become leader of my people, after that I’ll change the world and destroy the Gunners!

    Hakuru: ….. no… you won’t.

    Jake: what did you say..?




    Hakuru’s hair changed to dark black, her eyes became blood the colour of the Akai. As her whole clothes turned into goth clothes. She had black boots on with pure leather gloves. As she turned her combat knife to pure steel katana.

    Hinkyo: finally I’ve become whole again…

    Its about time you letted me out… Hakuru.

    Jake: wh… what is this?!

    Hinkyo: you…

    Face my wraith boy…



    Jake: AH!

    Hinkyo: this power. Its just too good.

    Well then Hakuru I know why you kept in your body for so long. To make me grow more powerful!

    Thank you… heh.

    Hinkyo: I guess I can trust you as my own host!

    Now that both of us has obtain the Evil Energy! We can destroy this puny runt!

    And sicne we’ve switched bodies I can boost up the unlimited Evil Energy!

    Hinkyo: HAHAHA!



    Hinkyo flips up over Jake and uses her katana as she swings a huge slicing wave.

    Jake: FANGS OF STEEL!!!!!


    Hinkyo: HAHAHA!



    Jake: GAH!

    It shot through Jakes rib.

    Jake: ah…!

    Hinkyo: good thing I’ve opened up a barrier. Or else people might see us. Come on Jake. Is this all you got?! You’re a vampire aren’t you?! Come on!

    Jake: fine then!



    Hinkyo: come on… attack me with full force! I gotta go full blast! I wannt test myself! It will be boring for me to show up for nothing!


    Hinkyo: BLOOD OF DUST!

    Hinkyo spreaded her own blood and made dust around Jake.

    Jake: BARRIER!

    Hinkyo: FLAMING BREAK!

    Jake: s**t!

    Jake spreaded himself into huge bats he turned backs to his original form when he turns back.

    Hinkyo: you fool you’ve just stepped right in my trap!


    Jake: s**t!


    The barrier went down as Hinkyo cleaned the whole mess.

    Hinkyo: damn. That sucked….

    Jake: good work Hinkyo.

    Hinkyo: ?

    Jake: you killed my replica. A foolish replica of me. I’m impressed.

    Hinkyo: what happen to Mr.Flirty lady man?

    Jake: like said he was a foolish replica of me.

    This is the real me.

    Jake: Hinkyo you are indeed strong. But you use power for your own bidding.

    Hinkyo: I use only for the ones that are stronger than me.

    Jake: is that so/

    Hinkyo: besides, only idiots stand against me. are you the idiot who will stand against me?

    Jake: no… but he will.

    Hinkyo: what?!

    Say hello to Ragnarok. His half flesh and half mechanical.

    Hinkyo: Ragnarok huh?

    Jake: see if you can… deafet him.

    Hinkyo: then I will!



    Hinkyo: AH!

    There was ab arrier shield ten times powerful than Hinkyo’s.

    Jake: it has a barrier more powerful than ayone on Earth. Its unbeatable. It takes more than one sword. The sharper the blade. The harder it breaks.

    Hinkyo: well that’s my style!

    I guess I can use those wings of mine…



    THE DEATH!!!!!

    The wings bloom off from her back as they grew and grew. Blood was spreading out from her own shoulder blades but that didn’t matter Hinkyo as the pain was easy to endure.

    Hinkyo: NOW!

    Capsules were growing out from the wings as they injected straight through Hinkyo’s power.



    She punched through Ragnarok’s barrier as it shattered to pieces.

    Hinkyo: BLOOD DEATH!

    She raised her katana and sliced its eye ball off and starts cutting her way through.

    Jake: I was correct. You are the ultimate being. Hinkyo Mythril. The 55th demon.

    I’m really glad that I get to meet you Hinkyo.

    Hinkyo: AH!






    Hinkyo: phew done.

    Now can you stop sending me s**t a** toys of yours?

    Jake: sorry. shall we go and talk?

    Hinkyo: hm?

    Jake: if that is okay?

    Hinkyo: well Hakuru can talk to you.

    Well see ya.


    Hakuru: phew… okay. Where do we talk?

    Jake: lets just talk while we walk around the school. okay?

    Hakuru: fine.

    As they walked around the school they went on top of the schools roof and began talking more things.

    Jake: I’ve been watching you, you know?

    Hakuru: for how long?

    Jake: pretty much when you were born. My superiors ordered me to keep watching you on all times.

    Hakuru: your superiors? You’re a vampire right?

    Jake: yes I am. Don’t worry we’re not interested on using the world on our own hands.

    Hakuru: then why then? How come you attacked me?

    Jake: to test if you still have it in you. You sometimes let your emotions control you. And yet Hinkyo comes out.

    Hakuru: yeah well, your replica was starting to piss me off. You know me…. whoever tries to touch one of my friends gets it.

    Jake: your as careful as you are.

    Hakuru: so you’ve been watching me for the last nine years?

    Jake: bingo.

    Hakuru: but what for?

    Jake: well lets say they always feel a powerful women nearby.

    Hakuru: what? Me?

    Jake: yes.

    Hakuru: how long are you guys going to keep on watching me?

    Jake: probably a bit longer.

    Hakuru: a bit longer huh?

    Although we don’t intend to hurt you though. Your actually pretty precious to us.

    Hakuru: hm?

    Jake: its because you resemble your mother Rukina Sakura.

    Wait what?!

    Jake: I’ve lived a lot longer than you have. And I’ve met up with your mother Rukina Sakura. She didn’t care if we were different. Our race was dying. And in need for shelter. Rukina helped us and gave her own blood to us.

    It was like she was a mother.

    Hakuru: so wait your watching me because of my mum?

    Jake: correct, since you have potential like your mother, and fight like her and also resemble her appearance, my superiors decided that we should protect you.

    Hakuru: protect me?

    Jake: indeed, from now on, I am your guardian.

    Hakuru: wait…. Guardian? Um I really don’t need one its okay really.

    Jake: whys that?

    Hakuru: well i can’t protect myself and-

    Sora: ah… nice breeze.

    Hakuru: oh hey Sora. Didn’t see you there.

    Sora: oh hey Hakuru. Whos this?

    Jake: the names Jake Hunts. You must be Sora, yes?

    Sora: yeah I am.

    Jake: do you have a relationship with Hakuru?

    Hakuru: eh?!

    Sora: why you say that?

    Jake: don’t know, thought I could ask.

    Sora: do you have a relationship with her?

    Jake: maybe…

    Hakuru: *crap…*

    Meanwhile. Jake was holding onto Hakuru’s arms.

    Jake: say isn’t it a nice weather today Hakuru?

    Hakuru: yeah….

    Hey isn’t that Hakuru?

    Oh my god its that new senior guy! His with Hakuru?!

    Woah love birds!

    Hakuru: Jake come on, seriously?

    Jake: well I can’t let you get hurt Hakuru.

    Hakuru: your up to something aren’t you? Those freaking words about my mother were lies weren’t they?

    Jake: you learn quickly.

    Hakuru: b*****d, if you ever make up a lie like that I’ll k-

    Yamota: yo Hakuru! I see your with Jake! You guys gonna bang?!

    Hakuru: Yamota!

    Jake: no, but we are getting into a nice friendship though.

    Yamota: ooh.

    Hakuru: god I wanna kill you.

    Jake: well then lets g-


    Hakuru: huh?


    We! The guardians has been sent by the orders of god himself!

    Hakuru: that’s just great…..


    Hakuru: Bullet-

    Jake: you scum!

    Jake took out two pistols which had chains attached to them, they were pure white and had special bullets.

    Jake: its show time baby….



    Jake turns around and shoots more down and flips up in the sky and fired more bullets.

    Hakuru: those movements…. Their like mine…

    She flows slowly, its like his flying…

    Jake: hmph, foolish beings.




    Jake: hm?

    Sora: you missed one…

    Jake: oh thanks for the save.

    Hakuru: …

    Sora’s right hand glowed with red lightning as Jake’s aura turned deeper and deeper.

    Hakuru: alright enough!

    Lets go and clean up.

    Sora/Jake: agreed.

    Hakuru: eh?

    Sora: …

    Jake: …

    Well now we shouldn’t waste our time staring each other like that, lets do as Hakuru says.

    Hakuru: ..

    I can feel both of their energies. It feels like death.

    The intent to kill each other.

    To be continued.

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