• "Christmas Goodness"

    At December 2007 in “Manila” city, there was a little boy named Lloyd whose mother and father died at a car crash when he was still just 3 years old. He now lives in an orphanage named “Hospicio de San Jose”. He was a very lonely child whose wish was to get adopted and spend Christmas Eve with a family harmoniously and happily. When he was doing chores, a bully named Felipe bugs him and call him names. He was happy to have a friend like Clarisse who defends him when he is being bullied by Felipe. Then as he was walking at the streets on his way home from school a boy was crying just at the edge, he asks the boy what was he crying about, the boy told him that his mother and father didn’t want him anymore. Then Lloyd asks the name of the boy, the boy said that his name was Jordan with a little shy grin at his face. Lloyd had an idea to let Jordan stay at their orphanage. As Lloyd and Jordan arrived at the orphanage, Lloyd asks the matron if Jordan could live in the orphanage, then the owner immediately declines because the orphanage had no more vacancy.

    Lloyd didn’t give up and was willing to find an orphanage that would accept Jordan. An hour of searching had passed and Lloyd still can’t manage to find Jordan a new home, then when he was about to go to the last orphanage that was left at their options, they immediately prayed that the orphanage would accept Jordan and will give respect to him and he would be able to live joyfully in. As they enter the orphanage, Lloyd went to the reverend and asked him if they could accept Jordan. Then the reverend said that he would be happy to let him live in his orphanage, and then the reverend interviewed Jordan and while Jordan was being interviewed, Lloyd stayed at the side and patiently waited for the results of Jordan’s interview. As Jordan was done in the interview, he was really grateful to Lloyd and if it weren’t for Lloyd, he would still be crying and begging for help at the streets.
    Then as Lloyd went back at his orphanage, he immediately buried his head on his pillow faced down with a smile at his face and never regretted for the things that he have done for the sake of Jordan. At the next day, his friend Clarisse woke him up and had great news, she said that his wishes was answered, at first Lloyd got confused but as he went to the matron, the matron said that he was adopted and he would now live with a Joyful family at “Santa Mesa Heights”. Then he jumped for joy and said good bye to his friends at the orphanage and spent Christmas harmoniously and happily like he wished from the start… ¬