• My name is Yarah no last name for here in Tiara my people the fairies are slaves to the gruesome and heartless ogre's. For our masters bind or take our wings away so we can not fly to our freedom. On the hills I work on we dig day and night for golden nuggets for our master, Lord Tiron one of the most cruelest and darkest souls of the ogre folk. These golden nuggets he dose not sell but has the fairies that don't work in the fields turn the nuggets into statues of our master. Fairies here in Tira that are born in specific sessions are given a special job, because each session represents a different talent so they get a different job, the spring fairies that are very common dig in the mountains for the golden nuggets. The summer fairies are the ones that work the gold into statuses. Fall fairies which are less common work on medicines or food to keep theirs masters healthy and feed. The winter fairies witch are rare are set free for they have no job but the ogres are happy for how the winter fairy is very rare so they don't lose a worker.
    I was unfortunately born as a spring fairy so I work in the hills with the others, my wings bound in magic so I could not fly to my freedom. My sister Akarie helps me daily for for even a fairy i'm delicate and smaller then the others. I will dig till my fingers bleed but I am unable to stop. we are not given shovels or gloves, we are not given shoes for our master is as greedy as a hungry badger. For all we are given is a torn sock that the ogres didn't want anymore so we make cloths out of them we are not able to wash then so we are always smelling like ogre foot and molded soil.
    I grew up learning about the soil that the golden nuggets grow in and what nuggets are worth taking to the master. As a young fairy I wasn't able to work in the hills but I had to work in the store house to polish the masters gold nuggets. I grew up without a mother or father just with my elder sister for after I was born they tried to run my sister and I to freedom and in the process they were caught and turned into gold statues. Akarie ,my elder sister, had raised me and fed me she always gave me some of her food growing up at first I never understood why but now that I look at it, I know she did it so I could grow up strong.
    Life is hard here but my sister and I get by one day my sister was talking to another fairy about an attempt to escape. My hands were shaking for I knew the story of my parents and what had happened when they tried the same thing I couldn't let that happen to my sister when she was alone I had pulled her aside tiers running down my soil caked face "Akarie please" I had begged my hands shaking "please don't try this you will only be caught and turned into a golden statue" I had cried gripping at her soiled cloths. She gave me a hug and pride me off giving my forehead a gentle kiss. "Its fine i’ll be fine there is a mermaid at the shore awaiting for slaved fairies to take to the free land I promos i,ll be back for you Yarah" she reassured me. I knew I couldn't change her mind that night she left in the dark.
    The next sunrise I was up and in the hills my mind kept going astray from my work when a giant shadow engulfed me in darkness. I looked up to see my master standing above me looking down my hands shaking from fear. He picked me up in his big chalky like fist. I winced from the pain for I was being held to tightly. "Were is she" he bellowed his breath the smell of rotten onion and garlic. I tried so hard not to show my disgust from the smell "who?" I asked for I wasn't going to give in to him for i knew this was a good sign, for Akarie wasn't found she could still be safe and hopefully in the free land.
    He shook me my neck hurting fro the force "you know exactly who you little slime" he said his spit landing on my face. I stayed quiet I would not tell him I would rather die. his ugly warted face getting red from anger a slight feel of joy from my little success but as he started to carry me away fear struck me my heart speed up like a hummingbirds wings. I fought agents my conscience for it yelled at me to save myself and tell my master were Akarie was, but I would hate myself if I did for it was Akarie that sung me to sleep for when I awoke from a night mare, she was there growing up and I knew if she was safe I would ender this and anything my master throws at me.
    I closed my eyes praying to myself thinking of my parents that i've only heard stories of and prying that my sister Akarie that is hopefully safe. I opened my eyes to the opening of a metal door and my master threw me into the steel cage and locked the door. I ran to the bars and gripped the bars and yelped jumping away from the bars for I had been electrocuted. I rubbed my hands which stung, I sat down on the cold metal of the cage floor and started to cry. I had no idea what was to be of me, three days pass with out food and very little water and finally my master came back and let me out and sent me back to the hills. I was weak from hunger, but I pushed myself hard to work. I would sometimes look at the sky and wonder what it was like to be able to use my wings and fly with freedom. i hoped Akarie's were unbound and she was finely flying freely threw the clouds.
    I sighed and started to wonder if Akarie would truly come for me, but yet again I didn't want Akarie to come for me, because I didn't want her to get killed because of me! I wished I could send message to her telling her not to come telling her to keep herself safe. Weeks started to fly by as I got my strength back. I started to hear that they never found my sister that made me smile for that meant she had gotten to the free land and was free. I started to work harder because I had the energy thanks to the joy I felt running threw my body, but at times i couldn't help but feel upset that my sister was out there and I was still here.
    My master one day comes to gather up some fairies its spring time the time were new workers come and the old workers go. Now one knows were they go it’s told that the master turn the workers that leave into statutes. I never knew what truly happened but knowing our master he would do it. I watched as some of the people I knew slowly disappeared within days. I started to feel as if i was next, so that night I looked out my window and saw a star so bright it had wishing star, I closed my eyes to make a wish.

    “Star that shines so bright pleas grant my wish tonight for the wish i wish is the freedom i deserve” I said looking up at the star witch was now gone I sighed and laid down. I started to think it was just a fire fly till I saw my sister Akarie come in threw my window, for her wings were unbound and she was clean from head to toe. I smiled and ran to her crying like a child that lost its favorite stuffy. She hugged me and told me everything was going to be ok for she was there to take me to freedom. I was so full of joy i could have burst from how happy i was, but soon I soon found out Akarie couldn't fly me to freedom but we had to run.
    Akarie lead me threw the tree’s north towards the shore were my ticket to freedom awaited. We ran and ran I was soon able to hear the crash of the ocean waves, and could soon see the moons beautiful glow shimmering on the water. I could almost taste my freedom, there she was a mermaid holding her hand out to me I took took it, but as I looked back I saw my master right behind Akarie and shrieked as he turned her to a golden statue the mermaid grabbed me and took me under to were my master couldn’t get me. The next day I was free my wings were unbound my ,but my heart still felt chained and locked up for I had lost my sister. Akarie died saving me and I will follow in her brave footsteps and free more of my people.

    The end