• "Hurry up we're going to be late!" Sharla yelled as she ran out of the house.

    "I'm coming!" Kendra yelled as they both ran down the street to Shea's house. Once the two got there they knocked on the door and Shea came out.

    "Hey guys." Shea said casually.

    "Hurry!" The two girls said simotaniusly.

    The three of them ran to the library to meet up with Jamie and Alexander. Alexander was Sharla's boyfriend. Sharla was a little over five and a half feet tall curly brunette hair, glasses, and a sharp voice. Kendra was about the same height as sharla, red and black hair, dark brown eyes. Alexander was around six feet medium straight black hair, and bright blue eyes. Jamie was about as tall as Sharla, and had short blonde hair.

    As they walked down the street going to school they ran into Kelsey Frasier.

    "Hey whats up, faggots!" She screamed.

    "Shut up you good for nothing b***h!" Sharla yelled back at her.

    "Yeah, a** hole!" The other three yelled at Kelsey.

    Walking to school Sharla said they should get Alexander and shea to dress up and give notes to the people in school that we were sick. They did as she instructed and the four of them went into the woods near Sharla's house. Sharla walked toward the back of the woods after she told them she would be right back. Sharla saw a familiar figure, it was Annabell.

    "Fancy seeing you here again, Liliya." Annabell said without turning to face the girl.

    "It's Sharla, or Danny I'll be fine with either." The girl sat down on an old log that was starting to rot away into the dirt.

    "Oh, yes. It's just... you look so much like my old friend Liliya."

    "I know, you've told me." Sharla said watching her.

    "I never did tell you about Alec though, now did I?" Annabell asked turning hovering in the air.

    "No...you haven't." Sharla said confused.

    "It all started when I was a little girl, Beautiful I was, Alec was my, "Gaurdian" persay." Annabell said looking at the ground. "He loved me, months he stayed with me. I started to fall in love with him. Liliya, your "Look alike", told me not to trust him because she saw evil in him. As smart as I was as a child, I was love stricken and wouldn't-, Couldn't, listen to her warnings. Alec was handsom, tall, blond and black hair, charming, too. He was a very good listener. Had very good stories. Yet, the day I turned eightteen, he killed me. He wanted me so badly to be with him that he would sacrafice my life for his wants."

    "Sharla!" Kendra yelled.

    "One sec!" Sharla yelled back. Digging in some bushes for a book.

    Annabell continued telling her storie while Sharla searched. "I as an angel banished him to the pitts of hell. Recently he has gotten out of his prison. Trying to contact you. He's trying to turn you against me. Don't trust him. It will only lead to bad things." Sharla turning with an old book in her hands opened it.

    "Just what I came here for." Sharla whispered.

    "I told you it was here." Annabell replied.

    "I know you did, and thank you for telling me." The book had a hole in the pages to hide something in. It was a vile of vampric blood. "Now to drink it..."

    "I recomend not doing that just yet."


    "If you do it now, you will look like this forever. Wait a few years." annabell said.

    "I look old as it is. I don't need to wait." Little did sharla know that Annabell could kill a vampire faster than she could a human.

    "Taste sweet..." Sharla said, walking back towards the others. Annabell bowing and vanishing.

    "Finally!" Kendra yelled.

    "Can I talk to you, Kendra?" Sharla barley managed to whisper. Kendra followed her to the mossy log Sharla was just sitting at.

    "I'm turning into a vampire..." Sharla said.