• This story is not for the weak-hearted. So if you think you are strong, continue. If not, close this book now. This story takes place in a city called Tuscan. Tuscan is a fun place to live. The trees and plants are so beautiful in the nighttime-especially the Silver Lace flower. It only glows in the moonlight with water.
    This is a story about me, Jesse Sukiyaki. I was poor growing up. I never got to play video games or read books. My parents made me stay outside all the time. I didn’t play any sports.
    I was on a small city bus with my friend, Percy Gottschalk.
    Everyone laughs at him because of his name. It sounds like Gotchalk.
    “Hey what time is it?” I said.
    “It is 7:30. Why?” said Percy. I sighed.
    “Just wondering.” I hesitated on that sentence. I noticed he was looking at me strange. I get this horrible feeling when something bad is happening. It feels like drinking 5 Monster energy drinks then eating a Mentos, and trust me I know the feeling. Right now, I have that feeling.
    I fell out my seat with my hand on my stomach. Everybody on the bus rushed to help me up. After I was up, I decided to walk home. My home is half a mile away. I could walk triple the distance even if I don’t feel good.
    Percy wanted to come with me. I wasn’t feeling up to having people around me when I’m walking home not feeling good. I told him I was too tired. He said he would see me tomorrow at school. I was sort of popular at school, for a poor kid. Everyone admired me. I don’t know why, but I just go with it.
    I was on my way to school when I notice smoke coming from the school’s direction. I rush to school, everyone was in front of the school in awe. The school was burning to the ground. Some kids were excited and some were disappointed. (Mostly had bad grades.) Me? I don’t know how I should feel. Excited, depressed, happy or what. Then a teacher came from the parking lot saying, “that everything was OK.” But something was wrong.
    Out of nowhere a guy in a yellow t-shirt and jeans comes up to me and says. “What happened here?”
    “I have no idea.” I said in an emotionless voice.
    He just shrugged and walked off. He seemed familiar, maybe he went to school here? Just then Percy came running up to me saying, “Isn’t this great Jesse? We don’t have school. It didn’t need to be set on fire.”
    “Wait it was set on fire? I thought it was an accident.” I said.
    “They said a guy with a yellow t-shirt and jeans went running off when the teachers came.” Percy said.
    The next day; Percy, Tori, and I went to the movies to see: Legendary. Not to be rude but Tori is smoking hot. She is 13 just like us. The best part is I think she likes me. Me? Out of all the guys at school she likes me. I ended spending $34 bucks at the movies. $5 for the tickets, and Tori wanted a soda and some popcorn. (That cost me $10.) Then Percy wanted to play some arcade games before the movie. While he was playing a game, Tori came over to me and said, “Hey you want to sit next to me in the theater?” As soon as she said that I said, “Uhhhhhh………sure?” Then she smiled and went to get Percy. Did that actually happen? I thought to myself. After the movie, we all went back to my house. As soon as we walked in, Tori slipped her hand into mine. I looked at her and she smiled back. Okay this is totally weird.