• I wake up to the sound of glass breaking. That's odd... I get out of bed. I'm on the second floor, so what can it be? I walk into the hallway and see shadows dancing across the wall. A tree's branches casted the shadows. But among the shadows, i see something humaned shaped. I feel a cold breeze... i look in the direction of the wind. Its coming from the window where the strange shadow is. I am frozen inplace. I am neither scared nor shocked. i just can't move. What's happening to me?

    I don't believe this. I have never been a scaredy cat. I was always the planner. I was the chess champ at my school and i go to a private school. I am Irene DeLancia. Irene the undefeated. I am not afraid of a shadow. As quickly as i thought that, i was able to move. I went toward the window when a sharp pain went up my leg. I backed up and rised my foot to see what i had stepped on. It was glass. I pulled the inch long piece of glass out of my foot. Ir hurt so much that when I was done, I was dizzy.