• It was one year since kagome and inuyasha got married and had their own house or hut. It all started a couple of days before halloween in the feudal era and like always or almost always the miko and hayou were fight about something pointless. Which ended with Kagome saying the phase we all know or at least Inuyasha knows to well "I'm going home or "sit boy".Sometimes more than once in one sentence . But Kagome never went in the well she just walked by it and waited in the forest until she or Inuyasha colded off.

    Oddly though today was different because today when she walked by it glowed. Like a light pink as if it was wanting her to jump in the well. Kagome was looking around in case anyone saw her and when see saw no one was around she jumped in thinking, 'If it didn't work then it shouldn't work now right ........right oh well it wouldn't hurt to try so here it goes.' Then she jumped in the same well that brought her back and forth leaping though time and space.

    Inuyasha was sitting on the ground saying a string of cuss words under his breath as he sat yoga style on a stump outside sango's and Miroku's house or hut as the twin sat behind him pulling on her ears shouting,"Slay the hayou". Until inuyasha picked them up and placed them out of range of his ears shouting to the monk three meters from him. "Hey monk can you tell your kids to get away from my ears."

    The monk laughed and said the the poor hayou who again had two kids pulling at his doggy ears."Well Inuyasha be happy they aren't chopping your ears off instead of pulling them off," He pause for a moment before continuing on."Look at the bright side Inuyasha at least they aren't like mini little me's."

    After setting down the kids and growling at them. Then acting scared Inuyasha said shaking,"You're right i don't know which is worst mini demon slayers ........or mini perverted monks. It's a tough choice i choose them combined." He said before turning back to the twins saying. "Stop that it's annoying when u pull my ears,"then he got an idea and reached for a bag in his fire rat fur. "Hey children do you want some candy."

    They shook their heads yes and stood there wide-eyed looking at the hayou.But at that moment he heard someone panting and he smelled kagome's scent. He saw her panting sitting after what he though she just ran non-stop to find him. So then he broke into a run after throwing the candy to the monk who now had a pair of twins attacking him. When he met up with her and said scared for his wife "Kagome what happened who attacked you."

    "No one is attacking me Inuyasha,"she said after she calmed down. "It's the well............... it works and .....................the shrine it's burned to the ground nothing but a pile of ash but the .......... weird thing is that the god tree and well house is in one piece."

    " What,"Inuyasha said not knowing what to say and speechless for what he had heard. Not hearing the monks screams and laughter of a pair of twins behind him.As they ran to the old bone eaters well.