• I had this feeling something was really wrong when my principal, a tall and balding Mr. Daughning, came into my biology class looking for me. I hadn’t done anything worth being suspended for today. As we walked down the long hallway to his office I noticed two police officers waiting by the door. Now I know I hadn’t done anything to have another cop call so soon either so there was something seriously wrong with this picture. As we entered Mr. Daughning’s office I saw Captain Faust, whom had the unfortunate luck of dealing with my constant actions, waiting for us, and when I saw the picture of my mother in his hand my blood ran ice cold.

    My mother was attacked in our home. She was stabbed multiple times and was in critical condition and still in surgery when Captain Faust dropped me off at the hospital. I knew a lot of the people in the hospital since I was there a lot from injuries or from bringing other poeple there and I saw quite a few sympathetic faces. One of the interns, Marnie who was my mom's friend and very close to me, came up to me and hugged me tightly before leading me to a seat in the waiting room. I hung my head in my hands. This whole thing was just completely insane. I had lost my father, Elliot, to a murder at the age of 7. Now I was possibly losing my other parent to the same thing. Mom was all I had. Both my parents were alone in the world, not an Aunt or Uncle or Grandparent to speak of. I only had mom and if she was gone there was no way I would be ok. I couldn’t even think of a possible world without mom in it. As I sat there Marnie brought someone else in the waiting room for my mother but in such a depressed and emotional state I couldn’t bring myself to look at the person. Although from the way their feet looked I assumed they were looking at me. Moments later the person left and I was alone again. I wasn’t one to cry but in this situation I threw away my pride and started sobbing, wondering if my mother was going to live.
    Mom is out of surgery but far from ok. They put her in ICU and now im sitting in the room with her since Doctor Hayle didn’t think she’d make it through the night. I sat there looking at my pale dying mother and thought that this was my final good bye to her. I didn’t notice someone come in or that they closed the door. Nurses had been whispering rumors and concerns at the door all day so I tuned it out. But when a pair of hands were suddenly at my shoulder’s I jumped in my seat a bit.
    “Luna…You love your mother very much don’t you?” Came a very light and airy voice. It had a- dare I say it?- sweet sound to it, it reminded me of candy. I nodded once, for some reason to afraid to look behind me, I heard a sigh of appreciation come from the person and their left hand came up and started pulling their figures through my hair by my cheek.
    “What would you give up if I said I could…and would save your mother?” The person asked. At this point I was beginning to get pissed. Obviously this person thought it was funny to mess around when someone’s loved one was dying. I went to turn and face this annoying person but the hand brushing my hair stopped me and with amazing force made me look at my mother.
    “Well?” The person asked again. I shakily answered.” I’d give anything if you could save her…..”
    Suddenly the hands were gone and I spun around to look for whoever was there but I was totally alone in the room. I shivered and knew I had a total twilight zone moment. I left to go ask a nurse for a cot and a blanket so I could sleep by my moms side. Leaving the room I didn’t notice the figure right behind the door or as they slipped into my mothers room as the door closed nor were they there when I came back. I wouldn’t know until later that I had just signed a deal with the devil with my own blood.