• I leaped off of the bed bound with blankets and made my way upstairs where my family slept. I crept to the door way of each room making sure that everyone was breathing and sleeping peacefully. I worried about them now; I knew how fragile a human life could be. One false move, one askew angle, the wrong place and the wrong time and it was over for them. I crept back downstairs to my comfortable cave of a basement and sat on the bed.
    Underneath the sheets, I reflected back on my last night as a heterosexual vampire; the old me. It was the biggest blizzard in Chicago since ’67 and the night grew colder wonderful for me and not so good for her. She was bundled up in blankets on the couch, her teeth chattering, making a loud clacking sound that I could hear from the kitchen. “Are you still cold?” I asked setting her cup of cocoa on the table in front of her. I bent over her face and kissed her forehead gently.
    I could feel the heat had cooled on her skin; she didn’t answer me, she just shifted in my flannel pajama pants and socks I had given her to wear. I handed her the coffee cup; still, she refused to move. “Come on, Yamii.” I urged. “I’m supposed to be the cold, one not the other way around.” I laughed at my own joke. She didn’t laugh with me; her face was focused steady.
    She was thinking about something. “Ice.” She whispered peering into my eyes as if she were trying to speak to me with them. I saw a glimpse of something I had only seen in the eyes of a lover. She leapt forward out of the blanket and attacked my face. She pressed her fiery hot lips against my cold ones; it was the kind of kiss you see in one of those “End of the world” types of movies. Every fiber of my body was illuminated, crying out for her to touch me more.
    Making-out with a werewolf was risky business and I, being the adrenaline junky that I am, enjoyed pushing my limits. Her warm blooded body pressed against my cold lifeless one that cold winter night. “If I excite your senses, bring them back to life, you’ll get warmer. Your body temperature will rise; Will it not?” my justification to keep going though I knew it was wrong. My stupid, useless explanation: I tried to keep her from freezing. She nodded her head ‘yes’ and pull my lips back to hers.
    Her lips reminded me of the rich creamy goodness of a chocolate mocha latte, cooling under the direct contact of my lips. I sucked her bottom lip inside my mouth, flicking my tongue back and forth across it like a hard piece of candy I was trying to savor. She ran her velvety smooth tongue down my chin to my neck and back up again. Her tongue wrapped around mine, burning with fierce hunger. It felt as if she wanted to devour me where I stood and I wanted so badly to be a part of her.
    It’d seemed so long ago that she held me protectively in her arms; that I was hers and she was mine; that I belonged to somebody. My soul crumbled with each memory. My ice cold lips pressed against her warms ones; the passion that built when our bodies touched. Two different elements, two different worlds, and yet we belonged together, colliding for the sake of love. My heart burned with agony.
    It seems so trivial now, the reason I fought my feelings for her for so long. That undeniable feeling that said Yes! I am in love with her. It didn’t matter what my lame excuse had been. I’d deny it now, more than anything because I wanted her back. For months, all I saw was her; I dreamed of her, I wanted her.
    Her voice was a natural kind of music as she whispered how she loved me in my ear. I wasn’t openly bisexual yet but most female vamps were; everybody was doing it! But she was a werewolf; a vampire’s sworn enemy. What would people think? How would I deal with the criticism?
    I didn’t care I’d find a way. I needed her now, like a drug. Now as I sat lurking in the shadows, I pondered how I would go about begging for her forgiveness for having been so unreasonable about the whole thing. I couldn’t say no.